Chapter 2:

Chapter One

Never Forget Your First Love

Don't think I'll ever forgive you.

He woke up in haste as sweat covered his brow. He sat up quickly but only to feel the instead dull pain around his stomach. Apparently he was laying on a futon with a wet small white towel on his forehead. His headed pounded with such pain; he grabbed it and almost yelled.

Nothing came out.

What happened to my voice? He thought as he placed his hands near his throat, fearing he might damage it further. And more importantly, where am I?

He looked around, feeling a sense of homeliness. Apparently something he'd been looking for since he felt nice and at ease. It was obvious someone stayed in there. There was a mattress set near him, while there was a table near him where the bowl of water set. Near the bed, there was a wooden desk with a little lamp and a computer, which was off. Above the bed, he saw the cross. The symbol of the Great Nymph. He smiled, but frowned again as he placed his hand once again on his head. He scratched it, trying to find it in his memories.

"My dream? I-I didn't think you'd notice... but if you want to know, I want to be a famous chef!"

He blinked, as he slowly realized who it was. "M-Miki?" he muttered to himself, reassuring that it was Miki indeed who said that all those years ago. He also found that his voice was really scratchy for unknown reasons. He touched his throat, but found a series of bandages and feeling quite sore. He looked down on his person, realizing that he hadn't noticed his clothing. Or in this case, lack of thereof.

Sure he had his torn pants on still, but his shirt and boots were gone. Replacing the shirt was a series of bandages as well, but they were blood stained. He slightly touched it, but he jumped since that's where the wound obviously was.

I'm not touching there anymore.

He tried to get up but he lacked the strength so he fell back down to his knees. The pain was great so he laid down on his back and groaned. He placed an arm on his head and felt how warm he was.

Wow, I'm freaking hot! He thought as he reached over to the towel that was near him, but he accidentally spilled some on the floor. Shit! He cursed to himself. Oh well...He thought as he drifted off to sleep.

When Renji woke up, he saw the little girl and a boy. He gasped.

"Don't worry, Renji-kun," said the little girl. "Miki-san is going to help you!"

"Don't speak so loud, Anita," whispered the boy who was apparently older then her. "He probably has a killer headache."

"Yoh!" cried out someone from the back. The two glanced at the back. Renji wanted to look but he couldn't. But the voice was familiar. "Do you have the soup?"

The boy deemed Yoh glanced near him. "Yeah!" he shouted back.

"Okay, send Anita down here to get the ginger ale."

Yoh glanced at her and the girl took off. Renji heard footsteps going down the stairs rapidly. Once she had gone, the boy glanced at him.

"Sorry about that," he said. "Miki-san and Anita are quite loud. Imagine while I'm not feeling well myself." He rolled his eyes for effect, but it was apparent that he was amused. The one on the ground smiled to show that he was amused as well. He placed a hand under his head and Renji almost grabbed the nearest thing to hit him with. "Don't worry! I'm trying to help you eat!"

He relaxed and tried to lift himself up. Once he was up far enough, Yoh grabbed a pillow seemingly out of nowhere and placed it under his head. Renji placed his head on the pillow. He glanced at the boy for thanks.

"It's not a problem." He picked up the spoon and blew gently on it. "Careful, it's kind of hot." He brought the spoon to his face and the former space pirate took a bite of it. It was indeed hot, but it didn't scald his tongue like he half-expected it to. Once he swallowed it, he reopened his mouth to let in the other spoonful to go down.

"So you're a friend of Miki-san when she was in school?" The man nodded. "I wonder what she was like back then. Was she always this bossy when she was a kid?"

This caused him to spit out the soup. He coughed and Yoh tried to find the napkins to clean the mess up. Renji brought up an arm and wiped the soup off his face. He tossed his head back and laughed even though it was extremely hoarse.

"I take it as a no then," he said, sounding amused.

Then Anita came up. "Yoh, I brought the ginger ale—what are you doing to him, brother? You tell us not to hurt him! Look at what you're doing!"

Yoh glared at his sister. "It was an accident, here. Help me!" She put down the bottle and helped Yoh clean up the mess Renji made. Once it was clean, Anita opened the bottle and handed it to her brother. He glared at her once again. "Where's the cup, Anita?"

"Saa..." she groaned. "Miki-san didn't give me a cup."

"That's because she assumed you would get it. Here, let me go get it. Feed him, and try not to make a big mess."

With that, he got up and went downstairs where apparently Miki was.

I haven't seen her in such a long time. I wonder what she looks like now.

He heard the girl sit down and the sound of dishes clinking against each other. She did the same thing and the scuffed up man was more then happy to eat since his stomach growled its approval of food being served to it.

"I don't know why Yoh bosses me around that," she said as she gave him a spoonful. "He forgets stuff too. Just because he has the bigger grades in class..." she muttered. Soon Yoh appeared with a small cup.

"I see you haven't burned him."

However, when the girl stuck out her tongue, she accidentally poured hot soup on his bandages. Renji opened his mouth to yell and curse out in pain, but thankfully nothing came out of his mouth.

The boy groaned as he essentially pushed his sister out of the way. "Go away before you kill him. Go play with your friends or something."

The girl pouted as she placed the soup bowl down. "Fine, I'll leave you with Renji-san then since you like him that way."

Before Yoh could turn around to tell her otherwise, the girl skipped downstairs.

He turned to the man who looked confused and still in a heavy amount of pain.

"Contrary to what shesays, I don't like guys that way."

The man arched an eyebrow as he was patted with a wet cloth that was from the bowl on the small table.

"Really!" The boy blushed as he paused. "I-I like girls! I just rather study and help support my sister and me right now. That's all!"

Renji shrugged as though he were saying "All right then."

He looked up and paused for any movement. Yoh glanced at what he was looking at and saw that Miki had finished whatever she was doing. He got out of the way as she bent down.

"Yoh," she said gently, "can you leave us alone? I'd like to speak to him."

Yoh nodded and left the door. Miki got up and closed the door as gently as her voice was. Once the door was shut, she sat by his side. He turned to her and saw that she had indeed grew up from what he remembered. From his memory, Miki had all sorts of freckles and she wasn't all that attractive. But this adult Miki? Apparently she outgrew her freckles and she no longer had metal that was said to keep her teeth straight. Her hair looked smoother then before and she was generally more attractive to be then what he expected.

"Hi, Renji. Long time no see."

She could tell he wanted to say something but she placed a finger on his mouth.

"I won't ask you how you are, since your wounds seemed almost fatal." She glanced at the door and so did he.

"No, those aren't mine," she said as she blushed, guessing he thought Yoh and Anita were her children.

He smiled anyway as he glanced at her. She turned back to him. "I see you're chasing your dream. What about Camilla?"

He gave her a confused glance.

"Please don't tell me you forgot about Camilla!"

He shook his head slowly as barely anything came to mind.

"Surely, you remember!"

He kept shaking his head.

She brought out a book seemingly from nowhere and flipped to a page where it was nothing but school children seemingly on top of one another and the colors were all blurred together. Though, it was not hard to pick out the children in question. She pointed to a redhead who was surprised at the boy who gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Remember? Our last class photo before we went to high school. Well," she stopped herself, "before you guys did."

He looked at the picture and just couldn't remember her. He obviously must've liked her if he was so bold to do that at a school function.

He shook his head, giving her full eye contact. She sighed as she placed the book on the ground.

"Well, I can sure tell you that everyone thought you guys would make it. After all, you even told her parents that you were going to marry her one day. I think it'd be hard to forget something like that."

Renji blinked as she told him this. Did I really do that?

He stared at her blankly – still unsure on whose she's talking about.

When it was obvious that he did not remember the girl much less the woman, Miki smiled. "That's okay. I'm sure you'll remember her later." He smiled with some awkwardness. What was that supposed to mean? He didn't hit his head that hard. She adjusted herself and took his hand.

She leaned forward and Renji felt awkward.

"I didn't tell Yoh and Anita what you really are. Just be careful what you talk about when you gain your voice back."

He blinked. Had my reputation really got me this far?

She smiled once more as she quickly changed the subject.

"I'm sorry for what Anita did to you. I'm pretty sure it was an accident. Those kids are always so clumsy." She laughed gently as she got up to leave but Renji grabbed her arm. She struggled and slightly gasped but she realized that it was the man who grabbed her. After she restrained herself, she pulled her arm away and rubbed it. "What is it that you want?" she asked, in a gentle whisper.

Renji was sort of surprised by the sudden change in her tone, but he decided not to ask for anything else – with her mood with the way it was, there was no way he want to stick around. So he shook his head and she nodded, acting somewhat sheepish. She kept rubbing her arm as she made out the room and as she mumbled. The man tried to hear what she was saying, but he really couldn't make it out.

She gently closed the door and he sighed. Seeing his friend like that – he wondered how her husband treated her. He laid his head back to think. He wondered what he was like anyway. He probably was in the service since it's more then likely he wasn't around much less nearby.

However, his thoughts were interrupted when he heard the door suddenly burst open. He slightly jumped at the sound and turned to see the boy in a different mood as well. He glanced at Renji and he too muttered about something.

Is everyone here crazy or is it just me? He thought as he saw the boy turn on the computer that was in the room. He grabbed a hold a pair of really outdated headphones since they covered both his ears completely, and started to click and type away. Renji tried to see what he was doing, but his wounds didn't allow him to see. Instead he shrugged and decided to lie down and rest. He had an eventful day after all.

When he laid down to rest, this time, he heard the soft footsteps of the girl and Miki. Then one of the pair started to run. They got closer and closer, but Renji was lulled to sleep by then. The girl presumably came in and she had a worried expression on her face was the last thing he saw before he slept like a little baby.

Anita watched the man below her fall into slumber as her worries went away. She sighed.

I just hope he doesn't hurt Miki. She thought as she gently closed the door to the room, not wanting to disturb the man and the now grumpy boy.

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