Chapter 1:


Look to the Stars

They say some things happen for a reason.Bookmark here

"Mommy? Where are you?" the little girl asked to the empty space. She ran down the corridor only to be stopped by the Man in Black, as she knows him. "You know where my mommy is! Tell me now, or I'll call Baldy!" she yelled as she referred to the bald bodyguard that was often around them to protect them from the crazy people.Bookmark here

The man adjusted his dark glasses as he looked down at the angry little girl dressed in a copy of her mother's outfit for that evening. It was a sparkling red dress, but it covered her chest, but not her arms. She wore silky white gloves along with shoes that matched the color of the dress. Her blonde hair was tied up with a bun and a diamond-studded barrette. The mother was pop star Nebula and she was going to announce her retirement from pop stardom to raise her daughter and her son.Bookmark here

I still don't understand why it happened. Or how, for that matter.Bookmark here

"You will see her when she's ready. As you can see, Little Girl," the man snidely said, obviously losing his patience, "she is still not ready for you."Bookmark here

The girl kicked him on the shin with her barely-high heeled shoes. It didn't seem to faze him one bit. The girl kept kicking him. He sighed as he snapped his fingers. Two shadows appeared and grabbed her feet from the ground.Bookmark here

She fell to her bottom and started to struggle. "Let me go, Man in Black! I'll tell Mommy!" she wailed as she continued the struggle. The shadowy creatures merely held her down. The man walked up to the now terrified girl and slowly brought down his sunglasses. It was a sinister blue that looked as though he was possessed by a demon of some sort.Bookmark here

"I said," he repeated only in a much cooler tone, "You will see her when she's ready." He snapped once more and the shadowy figures let her go and disappeared.Bookmark here

The girl looked around and glared at the man. "If you didn't work for Mommy's boyfriend, then-then—"Bookmark here

The man chuckled.Bookmark here

All I knew was, Mother never made it to the center stage. Not even for that last time.Bookmark here

"Then you'll be the first to go, Little Girl," he said as he pulled up his sunglasses. The shadowy figures appeared once more but this time, they guarded him and their eyes glowed with a blue haze.Bookmark here

The girl forced back her tears. No, she thought, I won't let him scare me anymore!Bookmark here

Before she was able to say anything, her grandfather appeared and called out her name. The girl looked back and smiled, for the first time.Bookmark here

"Grandpa!" she said, excitedly. "Tell this man to let me see Mother!"Bookmark here

When she turned back around again, Man in Black was gone.Bookmark here

"What man, Star?" he asked.Bookmark here

"The Man in Black!"Bookmark here

The grandfather shook his head. "I don't even think I've met that bodyguard," he chucked, remembering to remind his daughter-in-law to keep him up to date with the latest bodyguards.Bookmark here

But I will get the Man in Black for this. After all, only he was the one who didn't even like Mother.Bookmark here

.x.Bookmark here

Star looked up to the technical person. She didn't know much less understood what they were saying, but all she could think about were the fun games her mother was going to play with her and her brother, Rocky. She looked to the side and saw her brother playing on his portable game console, not really caring what's going on. She sighed as she closed her eyes.Bookmark here

Vaguely she could hear her mother singing the lullaby she specifically wrote for the kids when they were younger. She still remembered it by heart. Before she did, she made sure she was next to her brother so if she was busy daydreaming, she couldn't trip up anyone needing to use that passageway. Once she was comfortable she closed her eyes and tried to recall when she was merely a baby in her mother's arms.Bookmark here

The room would be white save the blankets (pink for her and blue for her brother). Her mother with her natural black hair (none of that magic hair that she'd use for her concerts) with her white dress, rocking her in the baby blanket she grew up with and loved. Her mother would be smiling with the utmost love a mother could endure for a child in her arms.Bookmark here

She'd open her mouth and sing a small gentle lullaby.Bookmark here

Just look for a shooting starBookmark here

Go ahead and make a true wishBookmark here

You'll know I'm not that farBookmark here

You should think of thisBookmark here

I'm safe in your heartBookmark here

Always whispering sweet nothingsBookmark here

No, we'll never be apartBookmark here

I'm always there, never sometimesBookmark here

"Star? Where's your mother?" asked a voice.Bookmark here

The girl opened her eyes, slightly dizzy from all that imagining. She glanced up at who asked and was surprised to see her grandfather.Bookmark here

"But, didn't you see her?"Bookmark here

He shook his head. "No."Bookmark here

I still keep that lullaby close to my heart. In fact, it's my signature song now. But I'm going off on a tangent. The point is that I will find her. I'll never ever forget that night.Bookmark here

She ran to her mother's dressing room only to find it completely empty. It was void of anything, much less trash from snacks or cigarette ashes. On her footsteps were her brother, grandfather, and a couple of technicians.Bookmark here

"Mommy?" she asked, her voice more tiny then usual. Her brother bit his lip and her grandfather yelled at the technicians while the little girl just started crying.Bookmark here

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