Chapter 2:

New Family Member (2)

My Demon Queen

Late afternoon came, I set off back home.Bookmark here

An AMAZING adventure awaits: The journey of Noel the TALENTLESS!Bookmark here

Yeah, sarcasm, I know, I know...Bookmark here

I wanna cry.Bookmark here

Cherry trees line the avenue pointing right to the school gate just up in front. Pink petals falling like rain. Bookmark here

Just then someone grabbed my shoulders and I spun like a top. The next thing I saw was Gruan before he pushed me over a yard in a fraction of a split second. My back slammed against the wall. I was sure my school bag blew up from the impact— likewise, my spine.Bookmark here

Hey, isn’t he supposed to be in the afternoon class?Bookmark here

“Ughh..” I fell to the floor writhing. My back seriously hurts. Seriously, seriously. Oh god. It burns.Bookmark here

“Hahahahahahaha!” Gruan heartily laughed. His gang— I mean the imbeciles laughed with him.Bookmark here

“W..what do you w-want,” somehow I managed to speak. Ha... how I wish I’ve gotten a TALENT to shred that face of his.Bookmark here

“Protection fee,” his smile widened to a grin.Bookmark here

I’ve been yearning for my birthday for months on end. Being bullied by this big shot dumb ass for a little more than two year now was an absolute pain. And when the fateful day came two days ago, low and behold— my TALENT was nil. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Bookmark here

“I heard you’re a TALENTLESS. How pitiful,” he jeered then laughed.Bookmark here

I frowned.Bookmark here

“Pay up,” he stretched his hands forward.Bookmark here

There’s nothing I can do about it. The only choice I have is to be obedient and listen to his orders. I’m weak— too weak to retaliate. I know that, so I would make dumb decisions and get myself killed.Bookmark here

I crawled up on my knees and looked at the pile, my trashed bag, broken trophy, with books spilled everywhere and took out my wallet, passing him the money I have.Bookmark here

I could’ve thrown it on the floor in front of him but— I prioritize my safety.Bookmark here

“Good boy.”Bookmark here

He doesn’t question the amount. He just takes them knowing that he could do it again. And again, and again.Bookmark here

When he left, I noticed the gazes directed at me. Bookmark here

Yeah. All that time while I was being beaten up, not a single person cared to help. Rather, they knew they shouldn’t help, couldn’t help. It would only worsen the situation.Bookmark here

And I saw Prune peeking at me from a distance. I didn’t think she would oversee the situation. Whatever. She’s the same as everyone else, merely spectators.Bookmark here

I tidied my bag— looks like I’ll have to replace it— carried it under my arms. With my spine stinging in a prickling, slow burning, pain, I walked forth, pressed on.Bookmark here

This is my journey. My journey as a TALENTLESS. Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

“Noel, are you alright?”Bookmark here

“Sorry. I was just thinking..” I spaced out.Bookmark here

My mom looked at me with concern. I know, she didn’t expect me to be a TALENTLESS either. I can imagine the sorrow she must be feeling, knowing that her son was a defect. Not really. That’s just me.Bookmark here

My mom’s TALENT is the ability to literally perceive heat. Like a thermal camera or something? Her explanation was rather vague. My father, who is currently on a business trip to Colorado, is an architect. His TALENT is the ability to recreate a three-dimensional object on paper with pin point accuracy. Bookmark here

The television was playing in the background, a cartoon. My 12-year-old sister, while her gaze never left the show until the intermissions, was chewing rice in her mouth. Cute. The area around her mouth was an absolute mess, not to mention her sailor uniform.Bookmark here

Normally my mom would do something about her behavior but she’s just too depressed to do so.Bookmark here

Now what?Bookmark here

I quietly ate my rice. Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

Now back to my room, I gently laid myself back onto the bed.Bookmark here

OUCH.Bookmark here

Darn, it still hurts. Bookmark here

I bent over to grab my phone. Bookmark here

Though students are allowed to bring phones to the school where I study, I don’t intend to do so on the off-chance Gruan assaults me. Losing my phone is like losing my life-line. Bookmark here

Speaking of which..Bookmark here

“Where’s my manga reader?” Don’t tell me that pink frilly app is the manga reader? Did it get an update? I forgot to ask my sister about it just now. And I’m too lazy to walk to her room.Bookmark here

Whatever. I’ll just tap and see.Bookmark here

Boop.Bookmark here

Wait... what was that sound effect. My fingers sank into the screen for a moment.Bookmark here

The app opened up and I was greeted with a screen. A pink screen and..Bookmark here

Oh gosh. First my spine now this— I’m blind, I’m blind. I saw nothing. Yup. I’ll go with that.Bookmark here

The screen showed various female characters that I have not the slightest recognition of, are these supposed to be celebrities? Ah, no. I saw a furry.Bookmark here

There were two options in the centers, the female ‘models’ shuffled every now and then at both sides.Bookmark here

This... can’t be a game.. right..Bookmark here

The big PINK button on the top writes: GACHA.Bookmark here

The sub-header just below it states: first summon guaranteed 4 stars or higher.Bookmark here

The one in the bottom: SHOP. Bookmark here

But it’s locked so I suppose I’ll roll for gacha...Bookmark here


What the heck even is this? A gacha game for girls? What the heck? I want my manga! Where’s my manga reader!? Bookmark here

Out of curiosity, I mustered the courage to wiggle my finger over the GACHA button and...Bookmark here

The screen flashed pink in a way that made me want to vomit. Random black silhouettes of girls, some in odd uncomfortable positions shuffled past the screen like a roulette. Then it stopped. A petit silhouette of a girl wearing a dress, tardy, well ordered, hands placed in front of her. Bookmark here

Most peculiar was that she had horns.Bookmark here

A five star summon. Bookmark here

Then the wooden floor of my room began to glow white in what seemed to be a summoning circle.Bookmark here

“GGAHH?! WHAT?” Bookmark here

No heck. Like I’m going to jump into that thing and get transported into another world— Wait... I think that’s an incredibly good idea! Off to another world! Goodbye shitty world hello fantasy realm!Bookmark here

Ignoring the pain in my back, I jumped off the bed. And hit something, soft. The floor isn’t soft.Bookmark here

The magic subsided.Bookmark here

I heard a wince.Bookmark here

I looked below to see a small girl, crushed underneath me. Her long curly velvet luster spread out across the floor. Skin pale to the point of white. Her crimson-purple eyes opened and looked at me. Bookmark here

‘Emaciated’ was the word to describe her. She wasn’t in a dress nor any normal clothing. A mere rough cloth entwined around her figure. Her skin was not only pale, it was also dirty. Her arms were thin, frail, cheeks cave in, and a collar was seen chained to her neck. She smiled then fainted on the spot.Bookmark here

Befuddled, I slowly pulled myself away from her.Bookmark here

She was, undoubtedly, a beauty worthy of a five star summon. That said— was she a slave? From the rag she wore, not to mention the collar-- it’s just like a scene from some manga. Not to mention.. she was missing the two horns on her head— or could it be that it’s just plain decoration?Bookmark here

I noticed blood-- many wounds riddled all over her limbs.Bookmark here

Huh...Bookmark here

Am I a derp?Bookmark here

...Bookmark here


Alright.. clam down, clam down. What next?Bookmark here

Her breathing is shallow, she looks like she’s in a bad condition. Is she thirsty? Maybe hungry? This is a cliche slave plot right? Before that..Bookmark here

Should I call for my mom? And then call for a doctor? No, I shouldn’t let people know about this. Bookmark here

Then I should wait until she wakes up? I don’t know what I should do? What if she’s in some severe condition that needs immediate attention?Bookmark here

I carried her in my arms.Bookmark here

Wow, she’s light. And freezing cold.Bookmark here

I placed her on my bed and covered her with a blanket. Gosh, that innocent baby face of her’s.. makes me wanna take care of her for life. Looks like I’ll sleep on the floor today.Bookmark here

Ah.Bookmark here

I’m falling for her already huh? Not that I can deny.. it’s the truth, and a fact. Anyways.Bookmark here

I instinctively picked up my phone and looked at the screen again. The shop tab is finally unlocked. I’m itching to know what’s in store.Bookmark here

Taping the button, I was presented with a list of item options, including quests to earn special currency, or points. I wish the point icon wasn’t a heart shape though..Bookmark here

The items are— incredibly expensive. The cheapest one is around 100 points, a potion of temporary boost. There’s also a potion of forced leveling, citing that it could increase the level of the summoned ‘girl’ by 1. A vague description. So this is saying that the girl sleeping soundly there has a level? So gamey..Bookmark here

Other items include a basic gacha ticket at 1000 points, wow these sure are expensive. Next up is an instant affection potion at 1000 points... nevermind. In summary, it’s a shop filled with a bunch of buffs to upgrade the summons, including exp pots and more specific rate-up gacha tickets. Bookmark here

And it looks like there’s another shop specifically for the girl. Though it’s locked.Bookmark here

I turned to her, sleeping soundly on the bed.Bookmark here

I‘ll ask her about this tomorrow. Perhaps I should skip class? I need time to digest this.. and perhaps it’s the same for her too.Bookmark here

Looks like I wasn’t TALENTLESS after all? But what would happen if I lost my phone? —Eh, wait, then where’s my manga reader?Bookmark here

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