Chapter 3:

New Family Member (3)

My Demon Queen

What a troublesome situation. I mean, my alarm. It was blaring through the roof. Gosh, when I adjusted the time, don’t tell me I accidentally adjusted the volume as well?Bookmark here

I got up from the floor. Oh shit. My back, my BACK! I totally forgot I got hit by that fatso truck yesterday. UGGGHHH!Bookmark here

I reached over to knock the alarm off. Then look towards my bed to check her condition, that’s when..Bookmark here

Her silhouette under the night. Each individual strand of her hair sparkling in the moonlight pouting from outside. Her pretty blue eyes were directed right at me— by that I mean, pretty creepy.Bookmark here

Gulp.Bookmark here

“H-Hero-sama,” her voice was coarse, she looked to be severely dehydrated.Bookmark here

“Wait, wait. You take a rest first, I’ll go get some water. Stay here.”Bookmark here

“Understood. Hero-sama, thank you,” she bowed.Bookmark here

“I think you’re misunderstanding,” for some reason, when talking to her, the pain on my back magically disappears. Hah, placebo is amazing. In any case, I opened the door and left my room in search of water.Bookmark here

Coming downstairs, the first person I saw was my mom. She had a bewildered look on her face. I know, I don’t usually wake up so early. She was just about to prepare breakfast as usual.Bookmark here

“Mom, good morning,” before giving her any chance to speak, “I’m sorry but I think I’ll skip school today. I just found out what my TALENT is.”Bookmark here

“Morning Noel. Your TALENT?”Bookmark here

While ignoring my mom’s sparkling eyes, I went to the kitchen and got myself a glass cup and filled it up with drinking water.Bookmark here

“What’s your ability?”Bookmark here

“Summoning,” Yeah... I’ll skip the details for now. “And I’m sorry to trouble you but please cook a little more. My summon is probably hungry.”Bookmark here

Summon. Yup. Can’t be more vague than that.Bookmark here

My mom nodded, “I suppose I’ll see.”Bookmark here

Yeah. She knows I’m hiding something. Bookmark here

“Then I'll skip school today. I’ll introduce you to he..I mean my summon later on,” I went back up to my room.Bookmark here

I turned in the lights and she squirted her eyes.Bookmark here

“I-it is true... Hero-sama..” her voice was quivering in self delusion.Bookmark here

“Here,” I passed her the water, “Stop calling me that. I’m not a hero. I’m just a normal everyday person— to me at least..”Bookmark here

I suddenly didn’t know what I should say. The girl drank the glass of water in one go. The liquid spilled over and some flowed down her nape then to her—Bookmark here

I gulped.Bookmark here

“Thank you,” she whispered.Bookmark here

“Do you need more?”Bookmark here

“It’s enough.” her gaze casted downwards.Bookmark here

“Can you tell me about yourself? You see... um, you’re probably no longer in your own world.”Bookmark here

When I said that her eyes suddenly opened wide.Bookmark here

“Ah. It’s alright if you don’t tell me now but..”Bookmark here

“Where is this?”Bookmark here

“Earth. The country— Gilgamesh.”Bookmark here

“Gilga.. a different world,” she leaked out a sigh that sounded satisfied. She fell back on my bed, staring up at the ceiling. “No wonder I don’t recognize anything.”Bookmark here

“I-I’m sorry?”Bookmark here

“I’m Princess Liliath the fourth of Toren Kingdom.”Bookmark here

“I-I’m sorry?”Bookmark here

“Just call me Liliath.”Bookmark here

“I-I’m sorry?”Bookmark here


Oh, she became mad. Bookmark here

Sitting up, she glared at me.Bookmark here

“No, I mean, why are you in those.. clothes.”Bookmark here

“This?” She observed herself for a moment. How confusing. “I-I was betrayed.”Bookmark here

“Ah, normal cliche.”Bookmark here


“Sorry. No thank you.”Bookmark here

Wow, I didn’t think a Princess slave could be so brutish. I’ve read about these a couple times before so— no surprise here.Bookmark here

She folded her arms. The slave collar caught light.Bookmark here

“Can the collar be removed?” I’m surprised I could even converse with her so calmly. I mean, she’s a slave, a Princess, a summon, a girl I LITERALLY summoned right out of my phone.Bookmark here

She tried tugging at it. It didn’t work. She shook her head.Bookmark here

“You’re doing it wrong. Can I try?”Bookmark here

“The task of removing it is said to be impossible unless the owner of the collar either dies or allows removal of it,” she said, somnolently.Bookmark here

“Look. You aren’t even trying to pull that off. How long exactly have you been a slave? Have you heard of the goldfish in a goldfish bowl problem? Or a grasshopper problem,” I’m sorry, I’m randomly naming experiments here. By that I mean, the situation where the goldfish which had become used to the small goldfish bowl when placed into a larger tank filled with water would not try to escape even though all it needed to do was swim up. Same goes with the grasshopper. It has been hitting the ceiling so many times, when the lid is removed, it doesn’t jump any higher.Bookmark here

That’s the situation I’m seeing. Plus, I’m sure earth doesn’t have anything like ‘mana’. So the collar should’ve ceased to function. Bookmark here

Liliath gripped the bed sheets, “a year,” she whispered.Bookmark here

“Must have been torturous.”Bookmark here

Tears dripped from her eyes.Bookmark here

I reached my hand over, gingerly and grabbed hold onto the collar. She wasn’t resisting so I guess she approves of this? I lifted the metal tab, and slid the open end out. There, removed, gone. The skin around the neck was red, slightly inflamed.Bookmark here

“Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Noel. Noel Bougainvillea.”Bookmark here

“Noel.. sama.” Bookmark here

That’s wrong.. very wrong. She called out to me while shedding tears.Bookmark here

“I think you should get yourself cleaned up first.”Bookmark here

She kept crying, crystal teardrops falling from her eyes.Bookmark here

Well. I suppose I should let her be for a while. I pushed her so much.. after all she’s been through.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

“N-N-N-Noel??!”Bookmark here

“Yes. I know, it’s a weird ability.”Bookmark here

There’s no way I can explain this to my mom in like, two seconds. Leaving that aside, I was now in the bathroom together with Liliath. Not literally together, but I need to teach her how the tap, bath and shower works. Also, the notorious toilet bowl that I saw her quizzically stare at.Bookmark here

For the clothing, I think my mom should have a few spares she could borrow.Bookmark here

Liliath turned the tap of the faucet, water came pouring out.Bookmark here

“After that, pull the center tab.”Bookmark here

“L-like this?”Bookmark here

With her timid hand she tugged.Bookmark here

“Hiih?” She released the tab, the water kept pouring from above. The rag around her slid down due to the weight caused by absorbing too much water.Bookmark here

“I think I’ll leave now,” I turned around; I saw nothing. Bookmark here

I saw nothing.Bookmark here

No. I saw something. Those scars all over her body, most probably caused by a whip.Bookmark here

I closed the bathroom door.Bookmark here

“That girl—”Bookmark here

“Yes mom. That’s my TALENT. I summoned her. I’ll explain it in detail later, do you have any extra clothes you could lend her?”Bookmark here

“I do. But it may be a bit big,” she had a puzzled expression for a moment, but it turned to one of zeal the next.Bookmark here

“Should be alright..” we have to buy clothes her size soon. Welp, looks like we have an additional member in our family.Bookmark here

In regards to her wish to return to her world since I forcefully summoned her by accident— or purposely, whatever. She didn’t seem keen on going back. Which was a good thing. Usually, most summoned people would try to figure out a way to return. And it wasn’t like I knew of any way to help Liliath do so anyways.Bookmark here

My mom went to the bathroom to guide her. Good. I’m not a pedophile. Wait, how old is Liliath? Though she’s a little taller than my sister, it’s impossible to determine her age by looks alone.Bookmark here

My sister, Novelle, who just woke up, climbed down the stairs. She, in her pastel green pajamas stretched her arms with a yawn.Bookmark here

“Morning big brother,” she rubbed her eyes. Bookmark here

Cute. Unbelievably cute. What a devil.Bookmark here

“Morning.”Bookmark here

“What’s that sound?” She turned her left and right, still in a dazed state.Bookmark here

“Um. I’ll explain later alright? All you need to know is that we have a new— a guest,” you know, I think it’s too quick to assume Liliath as a part of our family. I practically just met her.Bookmark here

Liliath, who’s hair was wrapped in a white towel like a turban, was ushered out by my mom who was pushing her from behind.Bookmark here

My sister’s eyes shot wide open. Bookmark here

When Liliath saw her, she bowed. Then my mom who was all smiles pushed her upstairs, to the master bedroom.Bookmark here

“W-who is that? Your girlfriend?” My sister asked.Bookmark here

“My gacha summon. It’s my TALENT.. I think.”Bookmark here

“What?!” She looked like she was shorting lasers out of her eyes. That glare. Gosh, just stop already.Bookmark here

“I’ll explain, I’ll explain later during breakfast. Ladies first, go to bath,” I pointed in the direction of the shower.Bookmark here

She growled but followed the instructions given.Bookmark here

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