Chapter 5:

New Family Member (5)

My Demon Queen

Well, I’m sure the explanation of my TALENT isn’t all that satisfactory. If anything, I told them to ask me if they have any more questions. Not that I’ll give an explanation to every single one of my sister’s ridiculous questions. Fortunately my mom was kind enough to let me off the hook, even though she didn’t get the full explanation over every detail. I mean.. even I don’t understand much of my TALENT. I practically learnt about it yesterday.Bookmark here

I also told them to keep my TALENT a secret. If people found out that I could create items out of thin air— items that don’t even exist in this world that is— I can’t imagine what would happen to me. Bookmark here

I can imagine people asking me to open a shop that sells them a pet girlfriend. Bookmark here

Since I’m skipping school. I guess I’ll help out with the laundry for the time being.Bookmark here

I carried the dirty clothing bucket outside the bathroom, to the alcove where the washing machine was at. Fanning the clothes one by one, I dropped them into the rolling tub.Bookmark here

Oh, did I mention about my back? It still hurts. I totally forgot about it. I need to tell my mom about it.. I hope my spine is alright. I need a doctor..Bookmark here

My dirtied bed sheets were tossed in as well. Hopefully the weather will be sunny today. Bookmark here

The rag Liliath wore was tossed away. I don’t see it together with our clothes-- obviously.Bookmark here

Speaking of clothes, Liliath needs clothes that she can call her own.Bookmark here

I noticed a presence. I turned to look at the corridor to see Liliath standing there. Bookmark here

“Diana-sama and Novelle-sama has left.”Bookmark here

“Got it.”Bookmark here

My sister’s school was located a distance away, so it was inevitable that my mom would have to drive her over. Before they left, the last thing I saw was a sulking devil— made my day.Bookmark here

“Ah, Liliath. Please stop adding -sama to our names. First of all, we don’t use honorifics like that in our country. Moreover, I’m not some big shot.”Bookmark here

Liliath stiffened for a moment, and I dropped the last piece of clothing in.Bookmark here

“Is it because of a cultural difference in your world?” I’ve read in a good number of stories where calling people directly without the use of honorifics was for people who were extremely close to each other. A couple, or something like that.Bookmark here

Liliath nodded.Bookmark here

“I see. But don’t you find it weird that I just call you Liliath?” Bookmark here

“Noel-sama is who summoned me after all.”Bookmark here

“Hm...” too polite? I don’t understand why she would act this way. She’s a Princess right? Or could it be that she’s like a sudden existence with an illusionary backstory? I know there are stories that revolve around summoned creatures that don’t have a past but for some reason understand the world clearly. “Liliath, how old are you?”Bookmark here

“14.”Bookmark here

“Are you not.. scared? Shocked? I mean, if it were me, If I were suddenly summoned, I’d probably be shocked still. It’s not normal for people to suddenly appear in another world you know?”Bookmark here

“Is that so?” tilted her head, loose hair tangled around her shoulder.Bookmark here

“Wait. You said something about a hero right? Are summoning rituals normal in your world?”Bookmark here

“Yes. It is commonplace for hero’s to be summoned to resolve conflict in the world.”Bookmark here

Ah. So that’s why she’s so calm. I mean, if Iived in a world where summoning was the norm then— being summoned would fall in line with a similar expectation.Bookmark here

“I see. You know, summoning isn’t a normal thing in our world. I think you're the first person to ever to cross into our world,” I smiled. I think I’m correct about this point. I’ve heard of people possessing TALENTS that allow them to summon spirits, specters, intelligent creatures, but summoning people from another world is unprecedented.Bookmark here

“Really?”Bookmark here

“Yes. Really.” Bookmark here

“It’s a duty for those who have been summoned to serve the summoner.” When she said that, it made me wonder if anyone from our world disappeared to their side. I should probably pay attention to the news sometimes.Bookmark here

I popped open the soap container and fed the washing machine two scoops of detergent. “Has there been instances of people from your world suddenly summoned to different plane?”Bookmark here

“No, however, the act of crossing between worlds has happened on numerous occasions before. Such is possible when the hero acquires a skill that allows him to return to his world after defeating the d-demon lord.”Bookmark here

I noticed she stuttered there.Bookmark here

I closed the lid of the machine, turned on the switch and let it do its magic. Liliath was looking at the process as if a kid who saw a flower for the first ever time.Bookmark here

And I noticed a fact about her, though it’s just a speculation since I barely know her—Liliath doesn’t really talk that much does she? She answers questions I throw at her but that’s about it. She doesn’t randomly shoot questions about the many gizmos in the house she has probably never seen before. Well.. besides things that interest her of course.Bookmark here

“Liliath. Do you not want to return home?”Bookmark here

She thought for a moment then shook her head. “No. I am not a welcomed existence in my world.”Bookmark here

“Alright. Then I’ll take responsibility in teaching you about this world.”Bookmark here

I honestly don’t think this a mere summon. Liliath is a person, a living, breathing person. She’s like everyone else, a human being upholding personal rights. I don’t think I want to treat her like some pet.Bookmark here

“N-Noel, please treat me well,” she bowed gracefully.Bookmark here

And the fact that she dropped the honorifics clearly surprised me. But that likely meant she was seriously about staying in this world.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

“This world is peaceful.”Bookmark here

“It is. If anything our world is most probably the same as yours. The difference is that the era of kingdoms has already passed.”Bookmark here

“Era of kingdoms?”Bookmark here

“Yeah...”Bookmark here

I doubt she’d understand. Bookmark here

I sat down— and writhed.Bookmark here

“W-What’s wrong?”Bookmark here

“It’s just my back,” yup. I totally forgot about that. Darn, why did it have to hurt now of all times. Ugh.. it’s killing me. Looks like the dopamine rush wore off.Bookmark here

Liliath stretched her hands out.Bookmark here

“What are you doing?”Bookmark here

She started chanting an aria.Bookmark here

“Heal.”Bookmark here

A warm fuzzy feeling wrapped around my being. The warmth spread to my back, the pain went away in a snap.Bookmark here

Wait. Did she just cast Heal?! She can use magic?! That explains why there would be magic wands in her item shop.Bookmark here

“Thank you?” I honestly have no idea how I should react. I mean.. I’ve been healed by the nurse at school quite often, though the feeling was different, it wasn’t all that much of a surprise to me at least.Bookmark here

“Does your back still hurt?”Bookmark here

I stretched my body— totally good. No pain whatsoever. Bookmark here

If my hypothesis is correct, concurring the fact that she was able utilize healing magic, on top of the fact that she came from a typical fantasy setting-like world, the chances of her being able to utilize magic of other elements are pretty high— that’s unless she’s from the kind where each person only possesses one class of magic. Then that would suck. Bookmark here

Then again, my instincts are telling me she’s capable of using all kinds of magic. She’s a five star summon after all.Bookmark here

“No. Thank you, really, thank you Liliath.” Bookmark here

Liliath merely smiled at my reply. A beautiful smile— like a blossoming rose. Gosh, now that I’ve had a proper look at her, she’s cuuuute beyond measure. A different cute from my sister but cute nevertheless. Bookmark here

If anything, her velvet coloured hair is the most attractive feature about her. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with that colour of hair— except in games. That said, everyone normally grows up having black hair, if you rule out Prune, that is..Bookmark here

“How should I repay you..”Bookmark here

I was debating between getting the language comprehension skill book and not. There’s only one of its kind— moreover I have the adequate points to afford it. Moreover, moreover, it would assist her in many ways if she could bypass the language barrier. Moreover, moreover, moreover, she had just patched me up.Bookmark here

However— that would mean she would become able to read the quests details.Bookmark here

Ah whatever. If I get an affirmation for her cooperation, it would be a ton easier to complete the daily quests. It would be plenty troublesome if I try to hide my intentions each time knowing that I’m ‘using’ her for my own benefit. My conscience is screaming at me.Bookmark here

I opened up the cutesy app again and went to the store. I scrolled the list to find the language comprehension skill book. In the way, I noticed a number of other similar books like common sense I and common sense II all the way to V. The price doubles for each tier, the first one costing 200. I assume everything she needs to know about this world can be acquired through these skill books?Bookmark here

“Here. Tap this here,” I pointed at the buy button just beside the language comprehension skill book.Bookmark here

Without questioning, she did as told and a book appeared mid air. Like— poof. There wasn’t any dramatic smoke effect or special sound effect but it felt that way. Could it be because I had my phone on mute?Bookmark here

The book landed on her thighs. Her wonderful thighs~Bookmark here

“This is for me?” She held the book in her hands, sounding dismayed.Bookmark here

“It’s for you. A language comprehension skill book, i’m not sure..”Bookmark here

I was about to ask how exactly skill books work when she tore the book and ate the pages. The cover included.Bookmark here

“My apologies for the rude behavior and utmost gratitude for the snack,” she blushed. She freaking blushed because she was eating a book like a sandwich?! That’s wrong on so many levels..Bookmark here

“Uh.. nevermind..”Bookmark here

She nibbled away at the book, glancing at me ever so often. I wonder if it tastes like sweets. She looks like she’s really enjoying the taste. Bookmark here

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