Chapter 6:

New Family Member (6)

My Demon Queen

Downing the book the size of a typical dictionary, I gave her an except to read. Much to my surprise, she was able to understand the text without any issues. Though, it was limited to knowledge she knew. Things like atoms and photons— that only made her flash a puzzled expression.Bookmark here

The task for today would be to assign her a few books she should start reading— namely those in regards to year 8 material. Or should I start with primary school level subjects?Bookmark here

Also, after eating the book, she became able to write our language without a problem. Huh, such an OP item for the cost of 50 points? Totally worth my money. Bookmark here

Liliath was from an educational background, understanding knowledgeable in aspects of the geography and history of her kingdom, economics, literature, etiquette, magic and basic maths.Bookmark here

Science basically didn’t exist for her until now.Bookmark here

Which was a bummer because a lot of what she had learnt wouldn’t be all that useful here. Bookmark here

That said, she was serious about relearning everything she needed to know about this world. Bookmark here

“This is a necessary curriculum for all citizens?” Liliath raised a question.Bookmark here

“I suppose it’s different from your world but yeah. Everyone has the opportunity to study. Rather, it’s mandatory.”Bookmark here

“I see..” she fell deep in thought. I wonder what she’s thinking about.Bookmark here

I assigned her a basic mathematics exercise book and basic science reference book. I’ll teach her when I have free time, the point for today would be explaining the gist and purposes of each subject, though I’m sure everyone agrees that this education is basically useless except for the purpose passing the exams—Bookmark here

But I have to at least make it sound presentable right? Science so that we understand our surroundings— maths so that we can calculate our money so that we don’t fall into debt..Bookmark here

She soaked in everything I said in like sponge, which was quite a surprise— or not. She’s a Princess after all.Bookmark here

“Excuse me Noel. I have a request,” she raised her right hand. I suppose that’s how she treats her tutor back in her world?Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

“May I see the quest section of the fone?”Bookmark here

“Fone..” she meant phone.Bookmark here

Um. What did she just say? She wanted to see the quest board? Bookmark here

“W-why would you want that?”Bookmark here

“You once said that the heart points are acquired through completing quests, am I not wrong?”Bookmark here

Hahaha. Haha. Ha.Bookmark here

She’s sharp.Bookmark here

Really sharp.Bookmark here

“Alright. But prepare your eyes,” I instinctively gulped. It’s now or never. I’ll have to show it to her someday so I better just get along with it.Bookmark here

“Prepare my eyes?”Bookmark here

I tapped into the app, and placed it on the table, my hands are literally shaking.Bookmark here

Curse this.Bookmark here

Liliath crawled over, her gorgeous velvet hair spilled over the table. Moving her delicate fingers she accessed the shop— she didn’t go right up to check the quest board but scrolled down the item list for the main store. Her eyes widened all of a sudden before narrowing to a slit as she continued on. I wonder what she saw...Bookmark here

Her smile crooked to a grin. It’s the first time I’ve seen her like this since I got to know her. Bookmark here

I clenched my fist, she finished scrolling the short item list and reached over to the quest board.Bookmark here

Tap.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

..Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

She stared at the screen with hallowed eyes.Bookmark here

“Um.. Liliath?” Bookmark here

I saw her biting her lips, her cheeks progressively reddened.Bookmark here

She turned to me, all red. Eyes a little watery.Bookmark here

“I-I’m sorry?”Bookmark here

I’m sorry? Heck! I don’t even know what I should say— I mean I yeah. It’s not nice to bring up the fact that I saw her naked this morning. And that action of mine was what allowed me to buy her that language comprehension skill book but.. but... SHE ASKED FOR THIS HERSELF!!Bookmark here

Without doing a single thing, she crawled over to the base of the couch and rolled up into a ball. Her knees cushioning her face.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Yeah. Bookmark here

Great~Bookmark here

The sound of the shuttering gate broke the awkward silence.Bookmark here

I left Liliath as was— hopefully she’ll be alright... not my fault— and walked to the garage where my mom parked the car. She bought groceries with her.Bookmark here

I helped her carry those into the house, noticing Liliath who had apparently calmed down. She wanted to help but was declined by my mom since there wasn’t all that much to carry.Bookmark here

After that was arranging the grocery items into the cabinets and refrigerator. All the while with Liliath curiously observing our actions. Yeah— don’t think she has anything like a fridge in her world.Bookmark here

Wait.. Bookmark here

“Liliath, what do you usually do in your free time?” I asked. I just realized that Liliath had been following me or my mom around as if she were there to assist if there were any issues that would crop up. She hadn’t really rested since she arrived here hadn’t she?Bookmark here

“In the past, I tended to relax in the parlor and enjoy a cup of tea— but that was a long time ago..”Bookmark here

“Alright. Though our house doesn’t have anything like a parlor, we have tea at least.”Bookmark here

More accurately, instant tea, tea bags. I popped two from a fresh box that my mom got and boiled water using an electric kettle. Yeah.. all Liliath does is stare.. It's kinda unnerving. Perhaps it’s because she was an ex-slave, that would explain her behavior. She’s treating me like her master or something— not good. Darn, I’m so insensitive.Bookmark here

I got two cups and placed a teabag in each. Afterwards, I poured the hot water on it and let it steep.Bookmark here

“Could this perhaps be tea?”Liliath asked looking into the cup while I beckoned her to take a seat at the kitchen table. My mom was peeking at us from the living room— GO DO SOMETHING ELSE!!Bookmark here

“It’s tea, conveniently packaged. All we need to do is add water. I’m not sure what kind of tea you prefer but I hope Earl grey is alright with you?”Bookmark here

“Any tea is fine— thank you.”Bookmark here

She stared into the cup, the brownish tea extract diffusing throughout the water like smoke.Bookmark here

A moment of silence. I sat there, waiting. I peeked over to the living room to find my mom no longer stalking us— fortunately.Bookmark here

Then I looked at Liliath.Bookmark here

“When will the tea be ready?” she asked.Bookmark here

“Just a little longer.”Bookmark here

“Alright.”Bookmark here

“Liliath. If you don’t mind asking, you said you were a slave before this right?”Bookmark here

“Um. That is correct,” her crestfallen look pained my heart. If she had fluffy wolf ears like Prune, I could imagine seeing it droop.Bookmark here

“What happened? You were a Princess weren’t you?” I know. Logically, a Princess falling into a slave almost sounds cliche— an impossible development, that is unless she came from a story-like world.Bookmark here

“Correct.”Bookmark here

Looks like she doesn’t want to talk about it?Bookmark here

“Do you want to um.. talk about it? It’s alright if you don’t feel comfortable telling me about it. There’s always next time.”Bookmark here

She nodded, her head hung low.Bookmark here

“The tea should be ready,” I bobbed the tea bag up and down by pulling on the string.Bookmark here

Liliath grabbed both ends of the cup, feeling the wramth of the water— I think? Doesn’t that burn her hand? She bent over and gave it a gentle blow. After which she took a sip as if how one would drink a mug of cocoa during winter.Bookmark here

She placed the tea back on the table, I noticed her starting to sway. She’s desperately trying to keep herself awake.Bookmark here

“Liliath, are you tired?” Heck, of course she is, do I even need to ask?Bookmark here

“A little,” her droopy voice echoed.Bookmark here

“I’ll go get the pillow.”Bookmark here

She didn’t say anything so I got up.Bookmark here

The conclusion was Liliath laying there on the couch holding a pillow, fast asleep.Bookmark here

This whole following the master’s order kinda thing has to stop. I think she doesn’t notice that she’s doing it instinctively or— no. If I were to suddenly be in the care of others it would be normal to abide by their rules..Bookmark here

I guess she feels indebted? Whatever it is, I’m in no position to order her around. But then again.. she’s my summon. Bookmark here

Darn it, I’m in conflict with my own thoughts and opinions.Bookmark here

I need to calm down.Bookmark here

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