Chapter 0:

Chapter 0: Prologue

Not A Hero

As I was watching the TV, I watched a Hero beat up a supposed Bad Guy. Bookmark here

I paid no mind to it... After all I DO live in a society filled with Heroes and Villains.Bookmark here

Tho they didn't have any powers, they did what's right.Bookmark here

Which made me ask the question.... Is it really ok to beat up a guy that was just trying to earn some money to survive?Bookmark here

I just pushed that thought aside and got ready for school. Bookmark here

As I walked to school I caught a glimpse of the same guy the Hero beat on a TV desplayed in a TV store, that same guy was about to be executed... Bookmark here

There was a woman... She was mourning... That guy had a family...Bookmark here

Then the thought that I pushed aside came back to me. Bookmark here

I thought to myself "Is it really right to execute a guy trying to provide for his family?"Bookmark here

I stood leaning on the window used to desplay the TVs...Bookmark here

I realized that the society I lived in isn't perfect... NO society is perfect, there will always be bottomfeeders doing whats wrong just to survive... And that thought pissed me off...Bookmark here

And that marked the day I stopped believing in Heroes.Bookmark here

Ana Fowl

Not A Hero

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