Chapter 1:


The chosen ones.

I first learned of my power when I was 10. Me and my family went out shopping in Shibuya. It was a normal day, however I couldn't shake the feeling that something horrible was about to take place. Sure enough, a few hours later a truck ploughed through the street we were shopping on. Something about the driver dying from a sudden heart attack. Regardless, to ten year old me, all that mattered was that my two sisters were part of the hundred something casualties. As you'd expect, I was heartbroken.

Then as I was sitting there, in the aftermath of what had just transpired before me. Something miraculous happened. As if life were a prerecorded TV show being rewound, everything reversed in front of my eyes. Before I knew it, I was standing in the middle of the same street, as if nothing had occured. It didn't click with me at first. I pushed off as a dream, and went about with my life. Like God was playing a sick joke, the same truck, ploughed through the same street. Repeating over and over, until I finally realized.

Something was giving me a second chance. A chance to save my sisters. A chance to not have my family torn apart before me. 10 year old me got right to work. I knew that I couldn't be a hero. How could I? Regardless, I managed to convince my two sisters to stay right next to me, right where it was safe. The truck ploughed through the street as before, however this time my sisters weren't taken from me. I was happy.

Over the years, I found out more about the power I was granted. First off, it wasn't just limited to rewinding time. I could freeze, fast forward, and if I concentrated hard enough, I was even able to interact with objects when time was frozen. With some training, I had eventually been able to adapt to most of the side effects. At some point, controlling time became second nature to me.

Starting middle school, as anyone would, I began using it for my own benefit. Using the nifty power of stopping time, I studied my ass off. With grades becoming less of a worry, I spent most of my time dicking around. Now, before you assume that I used it for 'those' purposes, I'll have to stop you. I never used it to do things to women. Sure I kicked the hell out of people I hated, but that was it. It may not seem like it, but I have morals.

I'm now 15, and am about to start Yokohama high. A prestigious school, that only the elite get into. I'm certain that everything will be as easy as it's always been. Though something caught my attention. Apparently a student that goes to Yokohama high, got into a huge ass brawl with a gang. The strange thing is. Everyone except from him was hospitalized. Who knows. Maybe I'll finally meet someone with similar powers to me.

Now, wouldn't that be something.