Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Who is The Main Character?

The Legacy of Combat

ForestBookmark here

A strong wind blows through a forest and leaves flow in the wind. All seems quiet, calm and peaceful. A voice shattered the silence.Bookmark here

Voice: “I’m gonna do a flip!”Bookmark here

A fourteen year old boy front flipped out of a tree and landed on his feet.Bookmark here

Boy: “Nailed the landing!”Bookmark here

This boy had short messy spiky black hair, black eyes, no shoes and wore an orange long sleeved gi with a blue belt tied around his waist. He turned back to the tree and saw another boy with short messy black hair dressed similarly. He was looking down cautiously.Bookmark here

Boy: “Aniro, you don’t have to flip! Just jump!”Bookmark here

*Pronounced Ah-knee-row*Bookmark here

Aniro: “Are you sure, Den?! It seems a bit too high?!”Bookmark here

He looked down for a moment then held on tighter to the tree. Den smirked.Bookmark here

Den: “Oh hi Anaga. Aniro is just stuck in a tree...”Bookmark here

*Pronoounced Ann-uh-gah*Bookmark here

Aniro suddenly plummeted through the air and landed on the floor with a loud thud. He stumbled a little before catching himself. Aniro quickly looked around.Bookmark here

Aniro: “She’s not here.”Bookmark here

Den: “True, but you jumped. Next time you can stick the landing when she’s watching.”Bookmark here

Den turned back to the path ahead of them.Bookmark here

Den: “Come on we still have to finish this last lap.”Bookmark here

Aniro: “Oh, ok.”Bookmark here

They both continued running into the distance. After clearing what felt like hours of forest they finally came across their finish line. They spotted a middle aged man with white hair, black eyes, dressed in attire similar to Den, sitting in front of a dojo looking building. A large white building, with a round red turtle shell design rooftop, two windows on each side, and a dark green door. They both stopped in front of him covered in sweat.Bookmark here

Aniro & Den: “[panting]”Bookmark here

Man: “Den, I told you to go at your own pace and don’t follow Aniro.”Bookmark here

Den: “But Ather sensei it’s in my job title.”Bookmark here

Ather: “What job is that?”Bookmark here

Den put his hands on his hips and gave him a confident smile.Bookmark here

Den: “Hype man!”Bookmark here

Ather flicked Den's forehead and he fell on his bottom from the force of the impact.Bookmark here

Ather: “Cocky brat! My words should be all the hype you need!”Bookmark here

Aniro gave Ather a guilty look.Bookmark here

Aniro: “I’m sorry grandpa.”Bookmark here

Ather leaned over to Den and whispered.Bookmark here

Ather[whisper]: “So did he jump?”Bookmark here

Den[whisper]: “[chuckle] He fell like a rock.”Bookmark here

Aniro looked surprised.Bookmark here

Aniro: “You guys planned this?!”Bookmark here

Ather: “[clears throat] We’ve kept Anaga waiting long enough. Let’s continue today’s training.”Bookmark here

Behind The DojoBookmark here

A girl with straight short brown hair, brown eyes, and wearing similar attire to Den was sitting on a stump with her legs crossed in a meditative pose. She had her eyes closed and looked deep in concentration. Pebbles began to rise up from the ground around her.Bookmark here

Ather: “Guess she couldn’t wait to start practicing using Chi. Makes me wonder why she bothered coming to me for lessons if she’s already a prodigy.”Bookmark here

Aniro looked nervous and took a step back. Anaga relaxed herself and the pebbles dropped to the floor. She looked up and noticed Aniro.Bookmark here

Aniro: “H-Hi Anaga. Sorry if I broke your concentration.”Bookmark here

She stared at him with a straight face for a moment before shifting her attention to Ather.Bookmark here

Ather: “Relax. We’re ready now. Okay everybody sit on a stump and open up your ears. This is where you will learn about a power system called Chi.”Bookmark here

Golden Boy
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