Chapter 1:

Chapter 1.1: The Fated Meeting

If my emotions were to return, would the world be more beautiful?

“Beep-beep, beep-beep”Bookmark here

Waking up to the familiar sound of my phone’s alarm, I reluctantly got up from my bed and proceeded to do my morning routine of washing up.Bookmark here

As I brushed my teeth, I saw my everyday ruffled hair and what one would describe as ‘dead fish’s eyes”. On a normal day, I wouldn’t have bothered to my appearance at all and head straight to school but today was different. I decided to at least make my hair presentable, after all…Bookmark here

“I need to find members for my club huh, wonder who might join. I’m getting a little excited over this”Bookmark here

I spoke out to myself, although getting a little excited was next to impossible, considering how I have lost the ability to feel anything. After my wash-up, I swiftly put on my uniform, took the sandwich I made yesterday evening out from the fridge, and started heading to the door.Bookmark here

As I opened my house door, I instinctively spoke the familiar words one would hear in any household.Bookmark here

“I’m heading off…”Bookmark here

Heading out towards the train station, I let out a small sigh and thought to myself. What was the point of the greetings and goodbyes at home… when I don’t have anyone to say it to anymore. I took a brief look at my phone and noticed the time. “7.30 a.m.” Bookmark here

The duration for me to reach the school from my house to the school will take approximately an hour or more. Yup, I’m going to be late today.Bookmark here

Rushing towards the train station to prevent my tardiness from school, I somehow managed to squeeze my way through the fully packed train towards my school. At this rate, if I take the alleyway shortcut to school, I might just make it on time.Bookmark here

XXXBookmark here

As I walked out from the train station, I was listening to apparently what was considered to be the current hit song by the band Chelsia. A music group that specialized in pop and consist of four cute high school girls. Bookmark here

I had always heard the people in my class talk about the band and recently about the new single that I’m currently listening to. According to the circulating rumors, this song is supposed to be a song that actually gets you excited and pumps your adrenaline. However, for me who is listening to the song, all I could hear was just the difference in the pitches of their voice and the occasional increase in volume. Maybe I was just using this song as a premise of me trying to be ‘excited’ for today.Bookmark here

I proceeded to the alleyway shortcut I was going to use to get to school. Although… it was probably due to me walking blindly and having my earphones in my ears that I couldn’t hear the commotion that was going on in the alleyway. By the time I looked up and noticed, I was already right in front of them. One look and I knew I have gotten into something I had most definitely wanted to avoid.Bookmark here

The scene that was right in front of me was something like it was straight out of a classic school manga that one would read. 3 high school guys were cornering a high school girl in a dark alleyway next to the school. I had wanted to turn back and pretended I saw nothing, but looking at my phone. The time now, ‘8.27 a.m.’. I can’t just sully my perfect attendance record due to some classic story scene. Being who I am, I began to walk past them as if it was the most natural thing in the world, ignoring the commotion.Bookmark here

“Hey, you!”Bookmark here

Although he was saying that in quite the loud and aggressive tone with a gruntled look on his face. It fell on deaf ears due to the almighty music playing earplugs also known as earphones.Bookmark here

“I said wait for a second you punk!”Bookmark here

I felt a hand grab my shoulder from behind and yanked me back. Turning around, the one who grabbed me was a crimson-colored hair guy, who was almost as tall as me at 179cm. He glared into my eyes with his red ones and began to yell at me.Bookmark here

“Quite a little punk you are, ignoring me and all.”Bookmark here

“Do you have anything you need?”Bookmark here

I casually said as if I was speaking to a stranger while taking off my earphones.Bookmark here

“Anything I need? Ha… Hahahaha! You walked past me and didn’t even greet or even bowed? Who do you think I am?! I’m the top dog of the school, Miwasaki Ken!”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, I never heard of you. Now if you will excuse me, I wouldn’t want to be late for school”Bookmark here

I boldly replied to his disclamation with a straight and bored face. This thug-like guy was smirking while he proceeded to grab me by the collar.Bookmark here

“Now listen here you piece of shit. No one and I mean, NO ONE, ever mocks me and gets away with it!”Bookmark here

“That’s right!”Bookmark here

“You tell him!”Bookmark here

The two other guys standing there churned in as he screamed in my face.Bookmark here

“You are dead meat, why don’t we have a quick ‘workout’ before I take my time to enjoy the girl?”Bookmark here

“…Umm…”Bookmark here

“Huh? You got something to say punk?”Bookmark here

“……You guys… You guys are going to be late for school you know?”Bookmark here

Miwasaki stared at me with a dumbstruck face as I stated the facts.Bookmark here

“Hahaha! You’re one hell of a fella! Who cares about being late for damn school, I will take all day even as long as I get to have some fun!”Bookmark here

“Hmm, but… Today’s teacher at the gate is Masaki-Sensei though. Are you sure you want to be late?”Bookmark here

“W-What?!”Bookmark here

“Shit, we gotta go, guys! Masaki-Sensei is the one teacher I don’t wanna piss off!”Bookmark here

Miwasaki exclaimed as he reached for his bag and proceeded to dash towards the school.Bookmark here

“Hey! Wait up, Ken!”Bookmark here

“Damn! We will remember you!”Bookmark here

Seeing the 3 guys making a full-speed dash towards the school, I was once again reminded of how scary the P.E teacher Masaki Ojiro is. Feared by students, admired by teachers and athletes. The previous National Karate and Aikido two-time champion, Masaki Ojiro, is one to be feared.Bookmark here

“H-Hey you.”Bookmark here

“T-ha….”Bookmark here

“What a bunch of nonsense…I’m gonna be late aren’t I?”Bookmark here

I briefly muttered while putting my earphones back off. Coincidentally, the words of the girl behind me didn’t reach my ears in time as the music continued blasting. I picked up the pace and began to speed towards the school as well.Bookmark here

“W-What?”Bookmark here

“Ah! I’m going to be late too!”Bookmark here

The girl behind, flowing red hair in a ponytail with long eyelashes and a rather tall figure was looking dazed by my sudden comment as I sped away. After a few seconds, she also picked up her bag and dashed towards the school.Bookmark here

“…Just who was that weirdo anyway?”Bookmark here

XXXBookmark here

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