Chapter 2:

Chapter 1.2: The Realization

If my emotions were to return, would the world be more beautiful?

Donning my unusually prompt hair, I barely made it into the classroom as the bell that dictated the start of class rang.Bookmark here

“Alright get to your own seats everyone, homerooms’ starting now.”Bookmark here

Most of the students were shifting back to their original seats, some were rushing their work till the last minute while others were preoccupied with their own stuff. As for me, I began to take out the latest hit-selling mystery novel, “The Casket”.Bookmark here

If one were to ask what my favorite genre of any novel was, it would definitely be the ‘Mystery’ genre. Why is that you ask? Simple, of all the genres out there, a mystery is the only one I will be able to fully grasp and without the need for any feelings. Bookmark here

‘Romance’ flicks would require one to understand the characters' feelings; ‘Action’ would involve bonds, friendship, and the like. But ‘Mystery’? It simply allows readers to read and find out about all the tricks and reasons behind each and all mystery. In short, mystery novels are the best.Bookmark here

“Kanjouu.”Bookmark here

“Here…”Bookmark here

I replied to our homeroom teacher Kouda-Sensei instinctively while still being occupied with the book. It took a while before he finished marking the attendance and started class on literature.Bookmark here

Throughout the classroom, I could see various students taking notes. Some were sleeping, and a few were sneakily eating their lunch. I wasn’t exactly a model student either as I was pretending to pay attention while thinking about my plans after school. Now that I think about it, what do I actually need to do to start a club?Bookmark here

Going by procedures, I need at least 3 members and an advisor. I am pretty sure Kouda-Sensei isn’t in charge of any clubs so he could be my advisor. \Bookmark here

The main problem is … members. Who would actually want to join a random club with no goals and most importantly, with the school reject?Bookmark here

“…Should I just give it up?”Bookmark here

As I said that, a thought ran through my mind.Bookmark here

“Wait for a second, why did I want to start a club in the first place?”Bookmark here

A Whim? But that’s also not feasible, I would not have been feeling curious enough to start a club. Unless… I was feeling curious about starting it? In any case, this is the first time since then that I had felt something resembling an emotion of sorts. No, I can’t just give up the club now, I will not stop trying to find members….Bookmark here

Tak!Bookmark here

A pure white chalk flew across the classroom and had hit me straight in the forehead.Bookmark here

“Kanjouu… Even if you are pretending, your eyes give it away.”Bookmark here

Kouda-Sensei said as he mercilessly threw the chalk at me. What followed was the sound of giggles and some loud laughter reverberating throughout the room.Bookmark here

“That goes for the rest of you who are eating or sleeping. The chalk’s next target will be you.”Bookmark here

With Kouda-Sensei’s warning, the class fell silent once again. I guess I will think about the rest after school, for now, I better pay attention before my forehead gets yet another bump on it.Bookmark here

XXXBookmark here

Ring!!Bookmark here

The bell signaling the start of lunch break rang, and a single girl walked out of classroom 1-A.Bookmark here

“Psst, hey look at her!”Bookmark here

“Woah Red hair, that’s rare”Bookmark here

“So slender…”Bookmark here

“I’m so jealous”Bookmark here

“Is she the rumored transfer student?”Bookmark here

Various voices and murmurs echoed the hallways as a mesmerizing figure strolled past.Bookmark here

“What a worst first day it is, first getting mugged and now having rumors.”Bookmark here

“Where is that ass from this morning… According to his tie, I’m pretty sure he is a first-year like me.”Bookmark here

The scarlet-headed girl roamed throughout the first-year floor before stopping abruptly outside the window.Bookmark here

“This is…1-B. So, he’s there huh?”Bookmark here

As I was reading my book while having my earphones on, I could subtly see the various eyes of the classroom looking outside. Not that I will have any interest, nor will it concern me. Bookmark here

I decided to ignore whatever was happening and concentrated on my book. That is until I see all their eyes focusing on me. Then, my shoulders were lightly tapped by a slender hand.Bookmark here

“Hey, you.”Bookmark here

“….? …Me?”Bookmark here

“Who else would I be talking to but you?!”Bookmark here

I was taken back by the sudden conversation and the stranger that was in front of me. Bookmark here

“Come with me, I have something to talk to you about.”Bookmark here

“No thanks. I don’t even know you.”Bookmark here

A straight reply. Although my tone may sound harsh, this would be the normal course of action for anyone if a random stranger would talk to them.Bookmark here

“D-Don’t know me?... You already forgot I see. Anyways I still need you to come with me.”Bookmark here

With that sentence, she dragged me by the collar and began to pull me out as her ponytail hair was swaying and smacked me right in the face.Bookmark here

All eyes of the students both inside and out were staring straight at us. What did I get myself into this time?Bookmark here

“I don’t like where this is going.”Bookmark here

Countless whisper and murmurs began to sound out as I was being dragged away.Bookmark here

“What, What? Is this…a confession?”Bookmark here

“No way, the school reject?”Bookmark here

“Curse you!”Bookmark here

“Why him of all people???”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“…You sure seem hated.”Bookmark here

She said softly to me as she dragged me away.Bookmark here

“…Leave me alone.” Bookmark here

XXXBookmark here

I found myself on the rooftop of the science building on the other side of the school not long after. Bookmark here

While I was still thinking of the aftermath of this with the various glares of the guys and the new rumors popping up, I decided to break the mold and asked what she wanted.Bookmark here

“Umm, do I know you from somewhere?”Bookmark here

“Sigh… you really didn’t remember huh?... The girl from this morning.”Bookmark here

“The girl from…Ah.”Bookmark here

I came to a realization as I recalled the spectacle this morning in the alleyway near the school. I knew I should not have taken that shortcut even if it meant being late. That just brought more trouble.Bookmark here

“Anyways, I called you out here for one and one reason only.”Bookmark here

“…And that would be? I don’t think I did anything that would require you to hunt me down.”Bookmark here

“I want to thank you. That’s all.”Bookmark here

“W-what?”Bookmark here

What was this girl talking about? You mean, she searched for me without knowing my name, found me, made a huge scene by dragging me out all the way here just to thank me?Bookmark here

“I’m sorry to say this, but for what purpose?”Bookmark here

Anyone who hears this would react just like I did, feel a little surprised and ask what did I do to deserve her thanks.Bookmark here

“You got me out of a bind, I was going towards school through this alleyway as it seems like I would be late and I got cornered by the 3 of them.”Bookmark here

Ah, she was just like me, taking that alleyway to avoid being late and getting into trouble. Perhaps that particular alleyway is cursed…Bookmark here

“But why thank me? I didn’t really do anything.”Bookmark here

“Don’t get me wrong. I just can’t leave a debt unpaid for, no matter how minor or insignificant it was and truth be told you did help prevent me from being late. So, I guess my thanks was for that?”Bookmark here

This girl... She was just thanking me due to her own sense of righteousness, I guess people like her do exist in this world. Come to think of it, a girl that stands out as much as her, I don’t think I ever saw her before.Bookmark here

“Hey, what’s your name? I don’t think even seen you before.”Bookmark here

“Sigh… You can’t possibly have seen me before, after all, I just transferred in today.”Bookmark here

Transferring just 4 months into the first year of school, what in the world made her do that?Bookmark here

“The names’ Honoka Miyano. Nice to meet you.”Bookmark here

“Kanjouu Yuusuke… the same to you.”Bookmark here

“But seriously though, just by dragging you out, you sure attracted a lot of attention, is it because of what people were calling you, what was it…the school reject?”Bookmark here

“Ahhhh, that is true too but it isn’t why they were staring.”Bookmark here

“Hm? Then why did they stare?”Bookmark here

“Well, if one sees the beautiful and mysterious transfer student suddenly dragging the school’s lowest student out, they would stare”Bookmark here

“W-wha...”Bookmark here

Her cheeks dyed a slight blush of red as she stuttered.Bookmark here

“A-Ahem, anyways, why did they call you the reject?”Bookmark here

“Ah, that is because I am one.”Bookmark here

I began to tell her about how I was treated how I am due to me being unsocial and the mood killer.Bookmark here

“Hm, I see. But you don’t seem so bad now do you?”Bookmark here

“Maybe to you, but that might be because today’s the first day you know me”Bookmark here

Lunch break was almost over and I would really like to get back to my class now. That is to hopefully solve all the people that would approach me before class start. More importantly, after school, I will have to think of what my club does.Bookmark here

Wait a minute. My club needed members didn’t I, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask her.Bookmark here

“Hey, Honoka-san.”Bookmark here

“Just Honoka is fine.”Bookmark here

“Alright, Honoka. Are you interested in any of the clubs now by chance?”Bookmark here

“I got to see the clubs on the school webpage, but I didn’t see anything I wanted. Why do you ask?”Bookmark here

“Well… the thing is, I’m trying to start my own club and I need members, 3 to be exact.”Bookmark here

“Heeehh. What kind of club is it about? If it seems interesting, I might join.”Bookmark here

“That… I didn’t get that far yet…”Bookmark here

“Pfhh…Hahahaha! You invited me to your non-existent club that you didn’t think about yet. What is it with you? Hahaha!”Bookmark here

She burst into laughter towards my sentence and began to look like she might choke on her own laughter.Bookmark here

“T-that is…I have no words…”Bookmark here

“Hahaha! Sorry sorry. I got carried away.”Bookmark here

She tried her best to stop laughing while wiping away a few tears in her eyes.Bookmark here

“You are interesting! I’m down for your ‘club’ that you want to create…Pfh!”Bookmark here

She burst into another fit of laughter after she accepted my invite.Bookmark here

Wait…accepted my invite?Bookmark here

“Y-you really will be in my club?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, sure!”Bookmark here

“Without knowing even what it's about?”Bookmark here

“That’s the fun part!”Bookmark here

“Really?”Bookmark here

“Really”Bookmark here

She gave off a bright smile towards my exclamation of surprise at her acceptance to my club.Bookmark here

“And you know what? That thing about me not knowing what you are like since this is the first time, I met you, that’s not completely true.”Bookmark here

“The first impression of a person is determined within the first few seconds of meeting. As for yours, all I can say is that it is a good one.” Honoka spoke out as she waved her finger at me. “Now, let’s head back to class shall we?”Bookmark here

With that, the current ‘Unnamed’ club has currently 2 members. That went exceptionally better than I expected it to be. I already got 2 out of the 3 members needed before school even ended.’Bookmark here

Today sure was a fulfilling day. With the sudden dragging out of the classroom by Honoka and the various surprises I got.Bookmark here

Yeah, surprises…Surprises?Bookmark here

Did I felt…surprised? Now that I think of it, this is the second time since then that I felt yet another emotion again. Maybe I am on the right track. Maybe I could regain what was lost if I continue what I’m doing.Bookmark here

I better thank Kouda-Sensei for his suggestion and ask him to be our advisor.Bookmark here

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