Chapter 8:

Called to School (2)

My Demon Queen

I entered the principal’s office on the second floor. Naturally, a paperwork filled room with a large desk in the middle, a couch, a coffee table, a few indoor plants and trophies for embellishment purposes. There was an enlarged school logo that hung on the wall above the window behind the desk. It was an air-conditioned space so the air was nice and cool.Bookmark here

Principal Rachel stood up from her seat, noticed my arrival. Ms. Yeo, the school nurse, was also present.Bookmark here

Yup. Our school principal is a woman. Another thing to take note.Bookmark here

“I’ve called him over. I’ll take my leave first,” Freya said, ushering me into the room.Bookmark here

“Thank you,” The principal nodded. “Please take a seat, Noel.”Bookmark here

“A-alright?”Bookmark here

Ms. Yeo looked at me with a puzzled expression.Bookmark here

“I heard you were beaten quite badly the day before. I apologize for that.”Bookmark here

Yeeaaahhh... Apologies huh? I don’t think I need that. Bookmark here

“Ms. Yeo?” The Principal signaled to her.Bookmark here

“He seems to be alright?”Bookmark here

“Hm? Is that so,” Bookmark here

“Did you receive treatment outside?” Ms. Yeo asked.Bookmark here

“Uh.. yeah,” sorta. Well— it’s more like in-house cause Liliath was the one who patched me up.Bookmark here

Ms. Yeo nodded.Bookmark here

“I have two agenda’s I would like to discuss with you today. First is in regards to Gruan’s actions. The next is regarding your TALENT. First, about Gruan. I deeply apologize for having you hold the burden of school. And at any time you would like to have him expelled— which would be the quickest way out of the situation— please inform us of so.”Bookmark here

Wow. So I’ve suddenly been given the right to strip Gruan off his status as a student huh? Huh? Why now of all times?Bookmark here

“Why now?”Bookmark here

“It’s compulsory for students to reach Year 10. The school doesn’t have the rights to remove a student from the educational system until the students reach 17. Another reason is that his father came to personally apologize for Gruan’s misconduct.”Bookmark here

What? Seriously? Of all time? Talk about ignorance.Bookmark here

“The person he should apologize to is you, however, he was reluctant to do so.”Bookmark here

Talk about arrogance. Ah wait.. I’m coming up with baseless conclusions against. Calm down, clam down. He must have his reason— he doesn’t want Gruan to be expelled.Bookmark here

Then what about all that talk of Gruan’s father being a large portion of the school’s shareholder?Bookmark here

Whatever, not in my priorities to question.Bookmark here

“Alright.”Bookmark here

“So do you wish to expel him? We have all the evidence to do so.” Principal Rachel looked at me in anticipation. Looks like I’m not the only one who wants him out of my life. That said though..Bookmark here

“I’ll leave that decision up to you?”Bookmark here

Instead of him, I might be the one transferring. Maybe.Bookmark here

“I understand,” her expression turned to one of seriousness. She walked over to her desk and pulled out a file from within a drawer. “Next is about your TALENT. You haven’t reported your’s. And I heard from the students that you’re.”Bookmark here

She stopped her sentence there and said nothing more. Good. She purposely avoided that word, though it doesn’t really mean anything anymore since I’m pretty sure I’m no longer TALENTLESS.Bookmark here

“Um. Principal, I actually do have a TALENT. I just found out about it yesterday... but it’s a really weird one..”Bookmark here

“Is it physical or external TALENT?”Bookmark here

By that, physical TALENTS refer to change in body characteristics. Like Gruan’s super strength or Prune’s permanent demi-human transformation. External talent would be like Ms. Yeo’s healing magic. I call it the magic touch since she needs to be in contact with the person who she wishes to heal— not in that sense of ‘in contact’ alright..Bookmark here

Oh, if anyone is curious, Principal Rachel’s ability is an external TALENT. From what I’ve heard, she’s able visualize things that she’s seen before much like an augmented reality manifestation. I’ve heard people gossiping about the fact that she could recreate an entire textbook— which is why she has this habit of staring into the air. Another overpowered TALENT, yup.Bookmark here

“An external.”Bookmark here

“So your TALENT is?” She took out a pen.Bookmark here

“Summoning.”Bookmark here

Hah.. looks like I’m unable to avoid it after all. Actually, it would be better if I reveal my TALENT, else.. Liliath would probably be regarded as an immigrant— I just realized that she doesn’t have a birth certificate. Oh gosh. This is... troublesome.Bookmark here

I think I’ll weave a half-lie half-truth kinda answer..Bookmark here

“What kind of creature do you summon? If the situation allows, could you demonstrate it here?”Bookmark here

“Well... it’s a different kind of summoning.. once I summon her, I can’t pull back my summon.. that kind of situation..”Bookmark here

“Her,” the Principal nodded as if understanding. Bookmark here

Hey look, I don’t have the kind of fetish of paying attention to a summoned creature’s gender. Summoners, as I said, summon creatures or spirits which are commonly found in the form of animals.Bookmark here

“Could you enlighten me with the specifics? Like what kind of creature did you summon?”Bookmark here

“She’s not a creature... she’s a girl. Like I said it’s a weird ability.”Bookmark here

“The specifics?”Bookmark here

“She’s a girl, reddish-purple hair. About this tall,” I leveled my hand in the air. “Her name is Liliath, she’s 14.”Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

Ms. Yeo had both her hands covering her mouth.Bookmark here

Don’t look at me like that.. please..I didn’t do anything wrong..Bookmark here

“So your TALENT is the ability to summon a girl?”Bookmark here

“Yeah.. something like that.” I’m definitely going to leave out the fact that it came from a gacha system I think only I and Liliath are able to use. Yeah.. it would be troublesome in various ways if people found out.Bookmark here

“Does the girl have any ability? Or is she just a typical girl?” The principal is seriously jotting down everything I said. Gulp.Bookmark here

“I’m not too sure, she just arrived so I had her rest, but I think she’s a mage?” She was able to heal me so...Bookmark here

“Understood. Then could you bring her to school? To serve as proof.” Her hand stopped.Bookmark here

“Then I’ll bring her here tomorrow?”Bookmark here

“Yes. First thing in the morning.”Bookmark here

Troublesome, in various ways. In fact, I’m pretty sure the only reason why I need to bring Liliath to school is because the principal doesn’t believe me. It isn’t required to confirm one’s talent, just a gist note of it is good enough, usually. Must it be because my TALENT sounded too unreal? I think there are many other people with waaay more ridiculous TALENTS though.Bookmark here

Putting that aside, at least I managed to hide the fact about my phone.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\ Bookmark here

I Princess Liliath have fallen into an unexpected twist in fate.Bookmark here

I’m grateful.Bookmark here

At the same time, very confused.Bookmark here

I couldn’t possibly be a hero could I? It’s a fact that summoned subjects are to be dictated a hero and be granted exceptional abilities by the Gods. The heroes would manifest abilities they once never had.Bookmark here

Could this be the same situation? I don’t see the king of this world anywhere though? Could I be mistaken?Bookmark here

Noel-sama himself stated that he wasn’t a king.Bookmark here

Troubled as I was, he is still my benefactor. I’ve read in archives that heroes yearned to return however— I didn’t expect I would not have such an urge. Quite melodramatic.Bookmark here

This world that the heroes had once described— filled with mysteries, machines powered by the thing called ‘science’. If I do be honest with myself, I find it all unbelievable. Yet, I wished that this isn’t merely a dream—Bookmark here

I don’t want to return. I can’t.. if I return, my fate, my purpose..Bookmark here

What if being called to this world is my fate? Then..Bookmark here

Diana-sama left a moment ago with Novelle-sama. I’m a little puzzled by the location known as scool. I was told that it was similar to an institution where people partake in classes? I have yet to verify.Bookmark here

I looked at the tea placed in front of me. Remembering Noel-sama’s actions from yesterday, I held the tab at the end of the tea in the bag and raised it up and down. It looked quite magical. I wonder if this was the etiquette of drinking tea in this world?Bookmark here

Everyone is here kind and nice.. what if I am a hero? Then what would be my purpose? To defeat the demon lord? Bookmark here

Thinking that, I heard the machines banging the wall— it was a difficult to describe sound. But it signifies the return of Diana-sama. I should go greet her, a common courtesy. She had served me this tea after all.Bookmark here

“Welcome back, Diana.” I curtsied. Bookmark here

“I’m back Liliath,” she expressed a wry smile. Did I perhaps do something wrong? No.. culture difference? Most likely. “Liliath. You don’t need to be so formal. This isn’t a castle you know? Just act yourself.”Bookmark here

“I understand,” I nodded... I don’t understand. Am I not acting myself? Bookmark here

Today, Diana-sama didn’t bring out any food packages from the carriage known as a car.Bookmark here

Diana-sama walked around the house doing what I assume to be chores normally a maid would be assigned to complete? Diana-sama doing a maid’s job? I quizzically tilted my head at the sight.Bookmark here

Diana-sama glanced at me mysteriously before letting out an “Ah~” as if she had learnt of something. Truly confusing. Must this be the confusion of the heros when summoned to our world? No— how come Noel-sama seems to understand the concept of summoning?Bookmark here

Diana-sama took out the now washed clothes from the machine that went swirl and swirl and placed them into a basket. There’s even this sweet flowery smell wafting off the clothing. Not even magic could compare.Bookmark here

Which is odd isn't it? Hero’s were puzzled by the concept of magic, while I’m here puzzled by science.Bookmark here

After which she took the clothings outside? Bookmark here

I followed her out of curiosity.Bookmark here

What greeted me made my mouth drop. The sun shining down, dazzling, the vast grand blue skies I haven’t seen for months now. Clouds drifting slowly, trialing the breeze of the wind that lightly caressed my face.Bookmark here

What a beautiful sight.. over the clutter of the nomadic white homes were unexplainable tall towers in the distance. There was a lone tree standing in the small courtyard. Two metal poles that had strings crossing between them, that was where Diana-sama was hanging the clothes. Bookmark here

I see.. so drying clothes out in the sun is a custom both worlds share..Bookmark here

I came up to Diana-sama and bowed.Bookmark here

“Can I be of assistance?”Bookmark here

“Eh? Ah, it’s alright, I can do it myself. Please take a rest inside,” turned to me, sounding befuddled for a word before a gentle smile formed on her face.Bookmark here

“Please?”Bookmark here

Seemingly stunned, she stared at me. Bookmark here

In the moment after, “Ok then. Follow as I do and do it like this.”Bookmark here

She placed the clothing she had on hand onto the string before reaching into the bucket for another. She showed me the clothing, spread it out before hanging it.Bookmark here

I nodded, following her actions.Bookmark here

I reached into the bucket and the first thing I took out was an undergarment.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

I swear in heaven’s name it was an accident. I placed it back into the bucket and then tried my luck a second time.Bookmark here

I pulled out a clothing. This time it was his clothing.Bookmark here

I let out a sigh of relief.Bookmark here

Diana-sama was looking at me with her mouth agape.Bookmark here

I didn’t know what kind of expression I was making but it seemed that she had noticed my embarrassing blunder. My cheeks felt quite hot.Bookmark here

She suppressed her laughter, took out the undergarment I placed back into the bucket and hung it on my behalf.Bookmark here

I felt my throat move on it’s own. No, such a shameful behavior— I should stop looking at that piece of clothing of his.Bookmark here

I proceeded to hang Noel’s clothing on the string.Bookmark here

It’s summer, the heat is quite unbearable. I could feel the sweat stick on my body. It has been a long time since I’ve experienced this sort of temperature. It was winter— I thought I was going to die.. if it were not for Noel-sama.Bookmark here

“Liliath. You should tie your hair, it’s quite hot don’t you think?” Diana called out, holding the bucket which had been emptied using one hand.Bookmark here

“Though it may be unpleasant hot, the weather itself is a wonderful one,” I replied. True, it may be hot— but this warmth... many times better than the biting harsh cold. Bookmark here

I followed Diana-sama back inside the small castle.Bookmark here

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