Chapter 9:

Called to School (3)

My Demon Queen

“Is there anything wrong?” a sense of apprehension was felt from Diana-sama’s sudden scrutiny on my body. Bookmark here

“Hm...”Bookmark here

Was it because I had trouble tying up my hair? Diana-sama became like this after I had acquired her assistance in arranging my hair. Something usually done by my personal maids. Bookmark here

Could it be that..?Bookmark here

“I sincerely apologize... I-I didn’t mean to make you a maid.. my lack of personal management skill is at fault..” I hastily said.Bookmark here

“What?” Diana-sama looked at me befuddled. Her focus crumbled at instant.Bookmark here

Oh heavens.. I’ve made a mistake.. please pardon my wrong doings..Bookmark here

“What are you saying? I was just looking at your clothing?”Bookmark here

“Eh?” Clothing?Bookmark here

“I was thinking what size would suit you..”Bookmark here

“Size?”Bookmark here

Diana-sama nodded. “You can’t be walking around like that without wearing a bra right?”Bookmark here

“A bra?”Bookmark here

“You came from another world.. no wonder you have no knowledge of such a thing. It’s something like an inner-garment for your breasts.”Bookmark here

“Breasts?”Bookmark here

“Come on, let’s go get you some clothes.”Bookmark here

I obediently followed Diana-sama out the castle. Bookmark here

So this is how the road looks in this world. Many similar small square castles could be seen along the road— or would it be more conscientious to call these mansions? No— it was rather too small... but it was undeniable that the designs of the building suited such a title.Bookmark here

We continued down the path along the black road. I would occasionally see unusual pokes stuck to the ground. Some were towering with a box attached to it and metal lines going to and from the small mansions and other similar poles. There were also shorter poles that became the separating partitions between the path and the road. The path itself was elevated, constructed with vivid red bricks. Every now and then, a mechanical carriage would speed past.Bookmark here

A merchants guild? That was the impression I had when Diana-sama brought me to this place. A tall building with many different stores built inside. Unusual items were displayed on shelves or hung on strings in an orderly fashion.Bookmark here

I entered the entrance which led me to a place full clothings. Bookmark here

A cold wind hit my face— a stark contrast against the heat outside. Ice runes?Bookmark here

Was this how commoners buy clothing back in my world? I myself had never gone out of the castle so I have no experience in regards to this. Most clothing were prepared by the butlers and maids— I never really questioned about the dresses I wore. All I knew was that the dresses were incredibly beautiful and intricate.Bookmark here

Compared to the clothes I wore back there, the clothes here had a much simpler design— but there were many variations. Pants and tunics— cotton ones? Some were shiny, I couldn’t discern the material.Bookmark here

“This is a bra?” I looked at the big paper sign that was clipped on a small rod above where Diana-sama was looking.Bookmark here

“Hm.. I think it’s too small.. a little bigger,” Diana-sama glanced at my chest and then at the two oddly shaped cups and muttered. “Liliath, could you come here a little,”Bookmark here

I followed her request obediently.Bookmark here

She then held one of them over my chest. For the corner of my eye, I noticed the store clerk standing beside us. She was curious somehow— my hair?Bookmark here

That could be why. The heroes that are summoned to my world would have black hair— which was an unusual colour. Here however, I have only met people with black hair. They were everywhere. Now I understand why heroes are so self-conscious of their looks.Bookmark here

I hung my head.Bookmark here

“Liliath? What's wrong,”Bookmark here

“Nothing.”Bookmark here

Diana-sama eventually picked out a few ‘bras’ and pantries that suited my body size. After which she had me pick out clothings that caught my eye. Which made me troubled. First was because there were many to choose from.. too many. Second was that I was indebted to them. They had saved my life and now this? Bookmark here

Sincerely, If this were I dream.. I wish I’d never wake up. Bookmark here

Forced to choose, most of my picks were dresses— something I was familiar with. Diana-sama showed a troubled smile.Bookmark here

“I see you prefer dresses. Though, how about limiting the dresses to 2 and chose other kinds of clothing?”Bookmark here

I nodded.Bookmark here

After an hour or so of picking, choosing and repicking, waiting in a queue with Diana-sama, I noticed the people paying for the clothes with paper? Not silver coins? It seemed that the type of currency used here was different from my understanding. Bookmark here

Each clothing had tags that had to pass through a red flashing light, causing a number to appear on an unusual white screen of a machine. The number— that I was surprisingly able to read kept going up and up until it reached 3 digits. That was when I heard the clerk ask Diana-sama a weird question.Bookmark here

“With cash or card?”Bookmark here

Card?Bookmark here

“Card.”Bookmark here

Diana-sama then took out a shiny intricate card, swiping it in between the gaps of a machine that glowed in green.Bookmark here

Everything happened in almost an instant, I couldn’t help but gawk. In a beep, all that clothing was paid for.Bookmark here

The clerk who noticed my expression raised her eyebrows. I hung my head realizing I had done something shameful. There were too many things I did not know about this world.Bookmark here

“Is your favorite colour black?” Diana-sama asked.Bookmark here

“Black?” I lifted my head.Bookmark here

She held up the elegant black dress I picked out before placing it into the white paper bag decorated with an emblem.Bookmark here

When I saw that, my entire being stiffened.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\ Bookmark here

Class started and— no class. Everyone was chatting. Literally. There wasn’t any homework, heck, even Mr. Smith there was talking with the other students.Bookmark here

Hm.. feels weird that Prune isn’t here today. I guess she probably decided to stop coming to school since it’s the end of the term, plus she’s transferring schools. There isn’t a point to waste time here anyways... I’m just wasting my time here.Bookmark here

Anyways, within the space of the upbeat class, I withdrew into my mind. Bookmark here

First item to think about, super important, would be Liliath. More importantly, how should I bring Liliath to school? I don’t mean in a sense of ‘bring’ as in the literal bag-carrying kind of bring— she’s a human, a person. She’s defiant going to garne a loooooot of attention. Which in itself is a bad thing.. I think. Unless she’s somehow secretly an extrovert. Hopefully not...Bookmark here

How about a round trip to and from school? I might be late for class but that would prevent Liliath from staying in school throughout the entire morning class period. I should have talked to the principal about this ughh.... shoot. Maybe I should just go ask her again?Bookmark here

Or would Liliath be interested in experiencing how it feels to be in a school? Her opinion matters too. No. It’s too troublesome. I can’t risk her safety.Bookmark here

By safety.. I looked over to where Gruan was, talking to his group of friends. Not imbeciles because those imbeciles that follow him around were from other classes. Good thing nobody in class pays attention to me.Bookmark here

Right. Where was I? About Liliath. So... should I limit the time Liliath spends in school or say fuck it and have her experience the life of it even for a bit..Bookmark here

No.. too troublesome. I’m sure even the teachers would be curious and my classmates would swarm her like honey bees since she’s literally as sweet as honey.Bookmark here

I don’t know. I’ll let the thoughts ferment a little before I make a decision. Bookmark here

Next— also regarding Liliath would be her abilities. What abilities does she have besides healing? I’m not too sure if it’s accurate to call her powers her TALENT, I’m sure she just calls it ‘magic’ in her world, not ‘TALENT’.Bookmark here

And then we have the mysterious app known as the gacha of divine savior of my life— that’s a joke by the way.Bookmark here

I haven’t checked the quests board for today— I purposely avoided getting anywhere close to that in fear that the next quest refresh for the ‘gaining affection’ category to be something that kills my brain cells first thing in the morning. But... I’ll check that out later.Bookmark here

Wait.. didn’t it also say something about the maximum number of quests for each section is one? How come I had two? I’ll have to look into that. Bookmark here

Concluding the self board meeting, I returned to reality and started to practice drawing. Perfect— keep that pose for a little longer, I’ll sketch you right up. Ehehehehe.Bookmark here

Hm? Which student am I talking about? Oh? Yeah, yes, Freya. Bookmark here

You know, the classroom is one of the best places to find gesture drawing references to practice with. And Freya always exaggerates her poses to express herself— perfect. Though I wish she didn’t always have that jacket on.Bookmark here

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