Chapter 10:

Like Magic (1)

My Demon Queen

 “I’m home,” I took off my shoes and entered the living room. There I saw my mom, who greeted me and Liliath who was reading a book— is that a manga?Bookmark here

“Welcome back, Noel.”Bookmark here

Yeah... Liliath, polite as usually.Bookmark here

Eh? She got new clothes? Nice, it totally suits her.Bookmark here

Hm... should I compliment her like how the protagonists always do in stories? Nah.. it’ll only create an awkward mood. Bookmark here

The first thing I did was take a shower to refresh myself.Bookmark here

I came back downstairs after a change of clothes realizing my mom headed out to pick up my sister from school.Bookmark here

I saw Liliath actually relaxing for once. That’s relieving.Bookmark here

Her body was sprawled across the couch facing upwards. Her hand extended to the ceiling, holding the manga in the high up in the air. She tilted the book a little, brought it closer to the face while narrowing her eyes before flipping to the next page.Bookmark here

The process repeated a few times, I stood there, at the staircase, dumbly staring at her from a distance. I didn’t know how long it was but I came to when Liliath sat up and stretched her arms.Bookmark here

Then she turned to me.Bookmark here

Uh..Bookmark here

Our eyes met.Bookmark here

“Noel?”Bookmark here

“No. nothing,” I went to the alcove close to the bathroom to hang the wet towel, after which I returned to the living room to see Liliath, sitting on the floor with her knees facing the ground as if waiting for me. Though, she was still engrossed in reading the manga.Bookmark here

“Are you doing alright Liliath?”Bookmark here

“Yes. Thank you,” she continued reading. Finally acting as if I’m oblivious. Good and bad. She’s enjoying herself at the same time.. I kinda realized that she’s in fact a human too. There is a limit to her obedience and politeness— not to say her actions are impolite. Just that she’s being herself, acting as she wants.Bookmark here

I wonder what manga she’s reading?Bookmark here

I drew closer, bent down and snuck a look at the cover.Bookmark here

That..Bookmark here

Hey..Bookmark here

My father is the author of that and..Bookmark here

Wait.. was my mom the one who recommended this book to her?Bookmark here

What the hell. Why..Bookmark here

“Um. Liliath.”Bookmark here

“What is it,” she mumbled.Bookmark here

“You do know that this is..”Bookmark here

“And what about it?” She held the book closer to her face, speaking in a monotonous tone.“I-Isn’t it justifiable that commenters enjoy such an object?”Bookmark here

“Yeah.. but still.”Bookmark here

It’s half-porn for fuck sake. Bookmark here

“T-there’s still more right?” When Liliath asked that, I noticed that she was at the last page.Bookmark here

“There is...” Bookmark here

She lowered the book, her eyes peeping from the gap created as she stared at me, uncomfortably.Bookmark here

Ah.. I shouldn’t have said that. How is she keeping such a straight face reading such a thing... rather, how can my mom even recommend such a thing to her in the first place?!Bookmark here

“Where is it?”Bookmark here

Scary.. scary.. that voice, almost emotionless. What the hell. So the Princess has this sort of personality too?Bookmark here

“D-did my mom get that for you?”Bookmark here

Liliath nodded. Bookmark here

Yea... her eyes devoid of emotion. Why is this conversation so intense?Bookmark here

“Youu know it’s not appropriate to read something like that while keeping such a straight face right?” If anything, I’d like to commend her for her acting. I’m pretty sure under that poker face, she had totally lost herself.Bookmark here

Liliath didn’t seem to understand or.. she was faking the fact that she could not understand. Bookmark here

She’s a Princess. A political figure for gosh sake.Bookmark here

I reached over and tore the book away from her. For a moment she sat there, just staring at me. Soon, her eyes slowly regained clarity, blood rushed to her face and she started trembling.Bookmark here

Crawling into a ball, she buried her head in between her knees.Bookmark here

“I-I’m sorry,” she squeeked.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Wow.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

“Liliath, can I call you big sister?” Novelle, still in her sailor uniform asked, stuffing her face with a spoonful of rice. Bookmark here

Today’s lunch was a pot of stewed meat in soy sauce and mixed vegetables and a side of fresh lettuces. A typical family meal.Bookmark here

Liliath who took small bites smiled at Novelle, “Please do, I don’t mind.”Bookmark here

I found out that Liliath was in fact— not a glutton. Which itself was a surprising discovery. I’m guessing it’s due to her being starved before as a slave.. I could only make such a conjuncture.Bookmark here

Moreover... the slash wounds on her arms seemed to have vanished completely. What in the world..Bookmark here

“Thank you big sister Liliath,” Novelles replied, her voice beaming.Bookmark here

“Novelle, please swallow your food before speaking,” My mom who noticed food flying everywhere advised.Bookmark here

“Muu...”Bookmark here

“Right. Mom, today I heard that Prune will be transferring school. She’s been absent the past two days.”Bookmark here

“Hm? Transferring schools? And then?”Bookmark here

“No. It kinda reminded me of your suggestion to transfer me out to another school in the past. Somehow, I’m considering that possibility now..”Bookmark here

“Is it because of Prune?”Bookmark here

Because of Prune? I’m not too sure to be honest. It could be? I mean, she’s probably the only friend I have in school. Well, I still meet her out of school but still.. it may just be that I want a fresh start since I’m entering high school soon. Plus, the matter about Gruan.Bookmark here

“No. I’m just thinking since middle school has ended.. and I;m about to enter high school next year..”Bookmark here

Yeah.. what a lie. It’s deeefinitely about Prune.Bookmark here

“So you wish to transfer to the same school as Prune?”Bookmark here

“Well... I could always just expel Gruan.. then the situation on my side would be solved— and I wouldn’t need to transfer schools anymore..”Bookmark here

But the truth is.. I do want to transfer don’t I? Transfer to where Prune is going.Bookmark here

I’m I even that close to her? Darn. I should just forget about it already. First love always fails. Wait— aren’t I admitting that I like her?Bookmark here

“Come again?” My mom looked at me bewildered.Bookmark here

“Which part?”Bookmark here

“The part before you said you wouldn’t need to transfer schools because—“Bookmark here

“Because the situation on my side can be solved?”Bookmark here

“Before that.”Bookmark here

“About Gruan?”Bookmark here

“Yes, yes that.”Bookmark here

“Hey big brother, why don’t you just change school already. I heard bullying can cause sudden mental health issues,” the little devil spoke with a pout, interrupting my conversation with my mom.Bookmark here

“Maybe I should? Oh, about Gruan— you mean expelling him? I met with the principal today. And she told me about my circumstances with Gruan and she asked me about my opinion on the matter.”Bookmark here

“That’s rather.. how do I put it..” my mom showed a half-smile, hiding her anticipation. Gosh, my mom too huh? I really should have just gone with yes and kick his butt outta the school. “So you haven’t made a decision?”Bookmark here

“I told the principal to make her own judgement so I believe no?”Bookmark here

“Big brother is too soft.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, yeah..” can’t retort to what my sister is saying there. But it’s not like I could just make the decision to destroy one’s future or.. rather, Mr, anti-hero’s father is a wealthy man isn’t he? There shouldn’t be any problem if he gets expelled. There would be other private schools willing to accept him so as long as he’s got money.Bookmark here

“I’ll leave the decision up to you Noel. You can choose to continue to study at your current school or transfer to where Prune is— you’ll have to find out the location for me though. I’ll have to discuss with your father.” My mom made a thinking gesture. After which she muttered something in regards to opportunistic property prices.Bookmark here

“Alri—“Bookmark here

Wait. Did my mom seriously just agree to that?! Transferring to the school Prune will be going?! Which made me curious, why exactly was Prune transferring elsewhere? Why was she avoiding me? Or was it simply because she’s transferring schools, that’s why she’s avoiding me? That doesn’t really add up.Bookmark here

“Also, I need Liliath to come to school with me tomorrow. I glanced at Liliath, she looked at me with her spoon in her mouth. “I also told the principal about my TALENT. She asked about it because she found it weird that I never reported my TALENT even though two days had passed since my birthday. And when I told her about summoning Liliath— she didn’t seem to believe me.”Bookmark here

Students were to report their TALENTS to their homeroom teacher after learning about their TALENTS. I remember how I told my homeroom teacher that I still had yet to figure out what my TALENT was so she put questioning on hold.Bookmark here

Then again, it was surprising that the principal would personally ask about it. More so, even requested me to bring Liliath over to her. Bookmark here

Hm..Bookmark here

“Understood,” Liliath replied seriously.Bookmark here

Uh... it isn’t a subjugation mission and what-not.. just a simple excursion.. yeah. You don’t need to be so serious about it Liliath—Bookmark here

You know what? Forget I said that. I doubt this will end as a simple excursion Bookmark here

“It’s nice I can have Liliath learn about this world more but—I’m kind of worried though. Especially when Gruan is around,” I directed my worries to my mom.Bookmark here

Who knows what that muscle dick-head could do if he found out my TALENT.Bookmark here

Though I’ve always dreamed of beating the shit out of him once I acquire my TALENT... I don’t think it’s such a good idea to force Liliath around like that. She can use magic to beat up Graun, I presume, but I still don’t know the extent of her magic abilities.Bookmark here

Oh. I can’t forget the fact that people will swarm me and Liliath like a flood wouldn’t they?Bookmark here

“Who may this Grayson person be? Your bully?” Liliath was the one to reply instead, her hands on her laps after placing her spoon down. I instinctively followed that gesture of her hands and looked down at her— to which I pulled my sights back up to her face.. not good. Why did I even look at her in the first place.Bookmark here

“Yes. That’s him,” I answered. Liliath is honestly sharp. She’s quiet most of the time, but that doesn’t mean she skimps out on our conversations.Bookmark here

“I can do something about it with my magic,” Liliath looked into my eyes. I couldn’t really tell what it was about but— it seemed to me that Liliath wants to go explore my school?Bookmark here

“If that’s the case then.. alright. How about we examine your magic after this? I wonder what abilities you have?”Bookmark here

“Urm, will do,” Liliath bloomed a smile. Which made me relieved in my own heart.Bookmark here

That’s right. Liliath is a person. A being with a will, her own wants and hates. She isn’t just a summoned creature, she’s a person from another world. Bookmark here

“Me too! Me too! I want to see magic!” the little devil Novelle squealed in excitement. This time, she made sure to swallow her food before speaking.Bookmark here

“Right. One last thing— mom, don’t recommend porn to Liliath next time.. I know it runs in the family..”Bookmark here

Hearing that the only response I got was laughter. Liliath tilted her head, confused. Bookmark here

Huh, so the language comprehension skill does have its limits after all.Bookmark here

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