Chapter 13:

To School (1)

My Demon Queen

Evening came and I was back in my room— working on my art projects through my laptop and drawing tablet. Well.. today I had to update my Arthub profile, it’s a weekly thing. An illustration a week. Bookmark here

For the next illustration, I’m working on a collaborative piece with another artist I met online. I’m thinking the character should have dark red hair— I found this hair colour to be rare amongst the many anime illustrations I’ve seen. Bookmark here

Thankfully I had my father’s guidance when it came to art, he’s an artist after all— even managed to publish his own books— books that are rated R-18. He’s super well known in the art community.. or so I think anyways because he’s always pushing for better.Bookmark here

As both an architect and artist, he gets so much work done so quickly— he has such an unfair TALENT..Bookmark here

Oh, an interesting video about ducks swimming round and round.Bookmark here

I think I’ll send the link to him.Bookmark here

Looking through the chats— my eyes caught on my old conversations with Prune. It has been weeks since I’ve last texted her.Bookmark here

Well... Bookmark here

My hands hovered over the keyboard, but I could think of any topic to discuss about. Most of the time our conversations were solely about homework or school projects. Asides sharing fun videos to watch... there really isn’t anything we have in common.Bookmark here

I shook my head and started up my drawing software.Bookmark here

Then I hear a knock on the door.Bookmark here

Hm..Bookmark here

Again, I walked over and pulled it over.Bookmark here

“Good night,” Liliath curtsied. This time she wore a beautiful purple nightgown. Not the transparent kind, fortunately. Bookmark here

“Good night.”Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

I returned to Novelle-Sama’s room after saying my regards to Noel-sama.Bookmark here

Novelle-Sama’s room was not large but was enough to fit both of us comfortably. She slept on the bed while I should have slept on the floor but by her command, I was forced to accept her kindness and sleep together with her.Bookmark here

There were a number of soft toys that reminded me of my childhood.. one I know I would never attain back.Bookmark here

I saw her lying on her bed facing the ceiling, a book in her hands. I could imagine myself in her posture.Bookmark here

And that book.Bookmark here

“Novelle, may I ask where you got that book from?”Bookmark here

“Ah, you’re back. So how did it go? Did big brother do anything weird?”Bookmark here

I shook my head helplessly. I understood what she was suggesting but I hold no such feeling towards him— at the moment. Bookmark here

At such a though, the sensation of his warm hands crossed my mind. Bookmark here

“This book huh?” Novelle flipped her hands over to observe the cover. Yes, I do look relatively similar to the one Diana-sama recommended to me. “I got it from father’s office. Do you want to read some? I have a few in my book shelf over nare’.”Bookmark here

Digesting her words I thought to borrow the sequel of the first book I’ve read. I walked over to a corner where I left the book and showed it to Novelle-sama.Bookmark here

“Do you perhaps have the continuation of this series?”Bookmark here

Shameful! Shameful! Heaven’s please spare me.. I only want to read a little more. Please allow me so..Bookmark here

Novelle-sama got off the bed and came closer to view the cover of the book. I held the book closer to my chest consciously and unnaturally. Novelle-sama tilted her head, one of her eyebrows was raised and she glanced at me confused.Bookmark here

However, her confusion soon cleared up. She revealed a bright smile which I felt was in fact a grin.Bookmark here

“Follow me, but be quiet and don’t tell anyone ok?” In a tip-toe, she whispered into my ear.Bookmark here

“Understood,” I nodded hastily.Bookmark here

Novelle-sama checked the corridors of the small castle— or house? I don’t understand the vocabulary used by the people living in this era or the world. Perhaps this isn’t a castle but rather a house? Though I have never seen such a beautiful house that commoners use that itself could compete with the mansions back in my world.Bookmark here

“Coast is clear, let’s go,” she gestured her hand with a playful grin.Bookmark here

“I followed behind her down the dim corridor. The only light present was the little bit that leaked from her room. I could barely make out the passage but under Novelle-sama’s guidance, I was able to put my trust in her.Bookmark here

Passing by Noel-Sama’s room, I could see that he has yet to fall asleep.Bookmark here

Novelle-sama’s every step was silent like an assassin. Soon we reached the rendezvous point. The office.Bookmark here

Novelle-sama scrutinized her surroundings once more before closing the door, plunging us into darkness.Bookmark here

“N-Novelle?”Bookmark here

“I’m finding the switch— ah, found it.”Bookmark here

The lights blew up the room in white, I covered my eyes. Slowly adjusting my vision, what I saw was a large, supposedly dark-oak desk with an unusual flat screen machine. It looked like a smaller version of what Novelle-sama called televizion. Three panels lined up side by side. Behind the machine was a large cushion chair.Bookmark here

Novelle-sama tattooed over and plopped herself down the chair and spun herself around in the seat.Bookmark here

“There is the library!” She raised a suppressed shout full of glee. Her finger was pointed at another entrance.Bookmark here

I followed her advice and found myself standing in front of an incredibly small library. There were not tables and chairs, only books that were neatly arranged in vertical positions.Bookmark here

My fingers tranced the edges of the books— there were so many kinds of literature I’ve never seen before. I referred to the book in hand— the one I feel ashamed of reading— and continued to search.Bookmark here

“Big sister Liliath, it’s here,” Novelle-sama called out. She had joined me in the search.Bookmark here

Following her gaze, I saw a small stack of books on the floor. Novelle-sama set aside half the stack away and raised a book to my face. “This is the one right?”Bookmark here

I blinked a few times, timidly receiving the opus.Bookmark here

“My highest thanks Novelle-sama,” I bowed flustered.Bookmark here

She chuckled. After which she looked at me with a scheming grin. “There are 12 volumes all in all you know?”Bookmark here

“Volumes?”Bookmark here

“Hm.. you don’t know what volumes are.. it’s something like the number of books in a complete series?”Bookmark here

“I understand.” Bookmark here

I looked at the books in my hands, the covers were different but the characters were the same. Novelle-sama then thrusted a few more at me. I ended up with 5 books— or as Novelle-sama regards as: volumes.Bookmark here

“This should be enough for now. Let’s get back to my room. When you finish that I’ll help get you the next ones,” Novelle-sama’s tone was warily cheerful.Bookmark here

My throat felt dry and I unconsciously gulped. For Novelle-sama and me to partake in such shameful acts.. what a disgrace..Bookmark here

Please forgive me..Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\ Bookmark here

I woke up, got myself washed and in the spare time helped my mom in the kitchen. Though I may not be all that great as a chef like my mom, I at least have the necessary knife skills to cut meat and vegetables slightly better than a novice.Bookmark here

“It’s getting late,” I looked at the clock that hung on the wall. “Mom, I’ll go call them up.”Bookmark here

“Alright. Tell them that breakfast is almost ready.”Bookmark here

My sister should have woken up at this sort of time. I wonder why she’s late today.Bookmark here

I went upstairs and knocked on her door, “Novelle, Liliath. You two are late, breakfast is also ready.”Bookmark here

And as a brother, I have the responsibility to call them up.Bookmark here

“Got it.”Bookmark here

Was the muffle-sounding response I got. I imagined the scene of my sister stretching her body in her pajamas and Liliath whose’ nightgown fell loose, the lace down her shoulders, exposing her cleavage— shut up.Bookmark here

“I’ll leave it to you then,” I said one last time before returning down the stairs to help settle the plates on the kitchen table.Bookmark here

They came down the stairs after a minute. Novelle yawing, one hand supporting Liliath who had her head hanging, swaying left and right.Bookmark here

Liliath wasn’t an early riser— I wonder what’s the usual time she wakes up?Bookmark here

They both went to the bathroom. After a while, Liliath came to sit on the kitchen table all drowsy. Looked like my sister would be taking a bath first.Bookmark here

My mom placed down the last dish on the table. Though the aroma of the food was enticing— it didn’t really seem to help mitigate the somnolent mood radiating out of Liliath.Bookmark here

She raised her head to look at me, then at my mom. She bowed, almost slamming her head on the table.Bookmark here

“Good morning.”Bookmark here

“Yeah... good morning Liliath.”Bookmark here

“Good morning,” my mom chuckled.Bookmark here

“Were going to scool today right?” Liliath tried desperately to keep herself awake. She looked like those ghosts in movies where their hair would dangle in front, covering the face. Bookmark here

If it weren't for the fact that her hair was velvet and her exposed shoulders, I think I might have actually believed that Liliath was in fact a ghost.Bookmark here

“Yes. So you better wipe that sleepiness off your face,”Bookmark here

Liliath bobbed her head up and down.Bookmark here

Ah what am I even saying. No, rather, is this how a Princess looks like behind the scenes?Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

With assistance from my mom, Liliath took a bath and came back to the kitchen table.Bookmark here

Turning around, I saw her wearing a resplendent black-laced dress. Her collar bone was exposed.. together with the majority of her back— even her shoulder blades were a sight to behold.Bookmark here

I couldn’t help but gulp.Bookmark here

Like.. what.Bookmark here

She sat down beside me.Bookmark here

“Um.. Are you sure you're going to choose this outfit?”Bookmark here

Liliath looked at me puzzled. Her previously dazed look was nowhere to be seen, “We are going to an official event aren’t we?”Bookmark here

My sister tried to contain her laugh. My mom only smiled.Bookmark here

“Um.. can I suggest you were something less.. alluring?”Bookmark here

“Is there something wrong with wearing this? You yourself are wearing a proper uniform aren’t you?”Bookmark here

Wait.. what.. why is she so adamant with this choices of her’s to wear a dress? This is the first time I’ve seen this side of her. It could be because she was once a Princess. Could be, could be... but still.. we’re going to a school, not some political meeting.Bookmark here

“It’s different.. this is a school uniform, yours is a dress.”Bookmark here

“Noel, why not just let her be. Today is your last day of the semester after all.” My mom expressed a suspicious smile.Bookmark here

NO— not you too mom.Bookmark here

This has to be related to her one way or another. But why... ugh. So troublesome. Well. I mean, Liliath does look gorgeous in that dress.Bookmark here

“Ah, Liliath, remember to tie your hair alright? You remember how to do it right?”Bookmark here

“Yes,” Liliath nodded. After which she took out a hair band that had a crystal accessory, pulled her hair up into a ponytail and tied her hair, leaving her jade-like neckline exposed.Bookmark here

All the while revealing her underarm that let off an odd fragrant that tickled me silly.. OH FUCK ME.Bookmark here

“Your face is all red big brother,” the little devil grinned. Both her hands supported her head on the table while her legs swung back and front in her seat.Bookmark here

FUCK.Bookmark here

I bit my tongue.Bookmark here

“Let’s get breakfast started shall we,” My mom chided by clapping her hands.Bookmark here

I can’t help but sneak a few looks at Liliath. She’s literally.. the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life.Bookmark here

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