Chapter 15:

To School (3)

My Demon Queen

“Uh, Liliath. Uh... nevermind.. just take a seat.”Bookmark here

Liliath entered, and I shut the door.Bookmark here

She looked at me perplexed, her eyes hinted at me a question: did I do something wrong? And honestly, I’ve seen that look almost half a dozen times now.Bookmark here

There were three sofas in the office so naturally Liliath and I took the unoccupied one.Bookmark here

“Sorry, where were we,” The principal Rachel faked a cough and her aloof expressions were replaced with her regular calm look.Bookmark here

“Sorry, and about...” the uncle, supposedly Prune’s father, retorted his conversation with the Principal.Bookmark here

Leaving the three of us— Prune, Liliath and I in an awkward predicament. I’m sure Prune had no intention interfering with the conversation between her dad and Principal Rachel.Bookmark here

Prune looked at me, her whitish-blue hair sparkled together with the two fluffy ears on her head that twitched, and I looked at her.Bookmark here

Of course, I was confused why she was wearing casual clothing— nevermind. I noticed all her documentation placed on the table, her student file, medical report and what-nots. She’s transferring schools, obviously.Bookmark here

Oh. I;m sure she must be confused why or who Liliath is huh?Bookmark here

I turned to Liliath. She hung her head.Bookmark here

“Hey Liliath. I’m sorry to say but this isn’t a fantasy world so manner of speaking could be said as weird to the people here,” I whispered.Bookmark here

“So it is true..” she muttered.Bookmark here

“True?”Bookmark here

“No wonder those heroes that were always summoned know not an inkling of etiquette. It makes sense considering their upbringing. Likewise, I too need to learn how to properly socialize in this world.”Bookmark here

“Yeah.. I guess so.”Bookmark here

Oh. So she’s actually reciprocating the knowledge in regards to the summoning of heroes to act. Wow. Though I must say she made quite an entrance with her incredibly nobelty-like greeting, I got to give it to you— she’s smart. Wait.. didn’t I realize that yesterday?Bookmark here

“Noel, why are there beastkins in your world? I’ve read in a description written in past journals that beastkins are a man’s romance and that such a race didn’t exist on Earth?”Bookmark here

I instinctively widened my eyes at her remark. Bookmark here

Oh wow. So the heroes actually left journals in their world. An additional layer of proof that her world wasn’t as simple as stories.Bookmark here

Eh— beastkin. You mean PruneBookmark here

I followed Liliath’s gaze who was dead set on Prune. Her bushy tail clearly twitched behind her and ears stood on end.Bookmark here

Liliath then narrowed her eyes.Bookmark here

“Noel.. w-who is this?” Bookmark here

“Um.. a Princess from another world?” I spoke— though it sounded like a joke.Bookmark here

Liliath released her gaze, “It’s the same here too.”Bookmark here

“Huh? What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“They can sense it.”Bookmark here

“Sense what?”Bookmark here

“Ignore I said that,” Liliath looked away. She dropped her slippers and curled into a ball.Bookmark here

“Liliath.. don’t do that..”Bookmark here

Yeah.. I know Prune.. I know. Her panties are visible from your angle.Bookmark here

“Hm? So it’s a balance of being respectful and disrespectful? I suppose. I’m sorry.”Bookmark here

Weird. Liliath is talking a lot.Bookmark here

“So with this it’s settled. I wish you and Prune the best,” The principal and Prune’s father shook hands. Bookmark here

He stood up, Prune picked up the files on the table and held it in her hand.Bookmark here

“Is this your friend?” Prune’s father asked.Bookmark here

Prune nodded hastily. She was shaken? Shaken by Liliath?Bookmark here

“Well. I didn’t think you study here too,” he nonchalantly said and with a wave of his hand and a bright smile. “I appreciate you guys for coming over to our diner every now and then. I guess this is goodbye?” he nudged Prune.Bookmark here

“Uh.. See you?” Prune tried to squeeze those words out her throat.Bookmark here

“Bye?” I raised my right hand to make a gesture.Bookmark here

“Alright, alright. Thank you Principal, we’ll take out leave first.” Prune’s father said before stepping out.Bookmark here

Prune gave me the look just before the door shut with a click.Bookmark here

Huh.. what the hell?Bookmark here

Liliath sat straight with both her hands placed on her thigh. Which puzzled me even more.. what’s up with those two? What did Liliath mean by “they can sense it?”Bookmark here

So mysterious..Bookmark here

“Noel. So this person I suppose is your summon?” The Principal pulled me out of my thoughts.Bookmark here

“Yeah. This is Liliath, who I mention about.”Bookmark here

“Noel— how does one normally greet in this situation?”Bookmark here

She almost added -sama there,Bookmark here

“Just greet? Just say your name and age?”Bookmark here

“Esteemed Principal Rachel, I’m Liliath, age 14,”Bookmark here

Ah fuck it.Bookmark here

“You know what Liliath, just be you.. just be you.”Bookmark here

She narrowed her eyes at me and pouted.Bookmark here

I’m sorry I didn’t teach you this world’s proper ‘etiquette’..Bookmark here

“Just to make it clear. Liliath, you were summoned by Noel?” The principal didn’t sound convinced.Bookmark here

“Yes. It happened two days ago.”Bookmark here

“So what happened before the summon? Were you from a dimensional plane or did you have a past?”Bookmark here

“I would prefer to look to the future. The past no longer holds any weight.” She gritted her teeth.Bookmark here

Yeah. I’m not convinced a past treated as a salve holds no weight. Bookmark here

“I see. Noel, so your summon is a permanent one?”Bookmark here

“Something like that? I actually don’t know any way to send her back even if I wanted to?”Bookmark here

“So how did the summoning happen?”Bookmark here

Hah! I knew it. Anyhow, I’ve briefed Liliath about this yesterday. She’s an intelligent person so she probably won’t slip her tongue. Basically, our stance was that Liliath appeared after a summoning circle almost blew up the house. The information regarding my phone will be kept a secret. Since the shop function could be exploited by the government if found out. The principal has to report the TALENTS to the higher ups after all..Bookmark here

Those who have dangerous TALENTS would have to undergo special education subsidized by the government. CRIME is a thing after all. And with special abilities— the fights between a criminal and police filmed on camera was nothing to joke around with.Bookmark here

Ah. Also to note— Liliath was to limit her magic usage just in case.Bookmark here

Since those with useful TALENTS would be hired into government agencies. And I think Liliath fits the bill— or so I worry.Bookmark here

“A summoning circle?”Bookmark here

“To tell you the truth, it’s weird. It happened one day after my birthday after all. It could really just be an accident? I don’t really have any other ideas of what my TALENT could be.”Bookmark here

“Hm..” the Principal fell into deep thought.Bookmark here

“Noel saved me.”Bookmark here

“Hm?” Both the Principal and I turned to Liliath.Bookmark here

“I’m sure he’s the one who summoned me. All I know is that there’s this unexplainable connection between me and him.” Liliath smiled, a little forced that only made it look more genuine.Bookmark here

“I was thinking it might just be a coincidence,”Bookmark here

When I heard the Principal say that, I suddenly realized my mistake. Well.. so much for saying too much. Thankfully Liliath was quick to notice and helped me cover up. Bookmark here

After all, I said that I didn’t know if Liliath was summoned by me— which in itself was a mistake because that would put Liliath in a position whereby her summon was a coincidence and not caused by me, hereby declaring myself as TALENTLESS. And if I wasn’t Liliath’s owner then she’s a free individual— which meant the possibility of the Principal taking her away from me?Bookmark here

That’s the shitty conclusion I came to.Bookmark here

But still though.. “an unexplainable connection between me and him.”Bookmark here

Oh fuck I nearly slapped my face in embarrassment when I heard that.Bookmark here

“Then I’ll take it that you’re his summoned person, or familiar.”Bookmark here

“Yes,” Liliath nodded diplomatically.Bookmark here

“True. You don’t see, to be a person of this world,” Principal Rachel muttered before jotting down something in a piece of paper. “Alright, you two can leave now.”Bookmark here

“Wait, Principal. About that, it’s alright for Liliath to temporarily stay in school right? Or should I bring her back home first? Then I might be late for class..”Bookmark here

“Good point,” she stood up and walked over to her desk. She took a pink slip, wrote something on it and then passed it to me. “Show this to your class teachers, I’ll notify the other teachers if I come across them.”Bookmark here

Mission accomplished? With this pink paper in hand, the situation with Liliath’s excursion to school has been resolved?Bookmark here

No... it’s only the beginning.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

I entered the class together with Liliath. And as expected, all the gaze was not fixed on me but on Liliath.Bookmark here

She’s wearing a super elegant black dress after all..Bookmark here

Especially the boys— no Graun. I want to punch him so hard.. but I can’t.Bookmark here

Ah. Prune’s seat is empty. Bookmark here

“Liliath, you can sit down here.”Bookmark here

She nodded, conscious of the gaze direct at us. Though, we’re acting as if it were nobody's business.Bookmark here

I hung her bag on the side of the chair then returned to my seat which is situated just beside her’s.Bookmark here

Next thing I knew it a bunch of girls came up to Liliath— and directed their gaze at me as if asking for my approval. Oh fucking come on... do you girls seriously need my approval to talk to her?Bookmark here

“Morning Noel. Eh..can I ask who that is? Your cousin?” Among the girls, Freya took charge and approached me.Bookmark here

“Morning. Well.. she’s Liliath.. my familiar.”Bookmark here

“Pardon me?”Bookmark here

“My TALENT is a summoned class and that’s your answer,” I said with my body dropping limp.Bookmark here

“Seriously?” Freya glanced at me then at Liliath, switching between the two of us.Bookmark here

Liliath sent Freya a weak smile.Bookmark here

“So I can talk to her right?”Bookmark here

“Who's to say you can’t? She’s a human, not some pet,” at least.. I didn't want her to be treated like one.Bookmark here

“If you say so..” Freya mumbled, “Hello, nice to meet you, I’m Freya. So your Liliath?”Bookmark here

“Liliath Toren. Pleasure is mine..” Liliath looked towards my direction, her eyes asking if she was doing her greetings alright.Bookmark here

I gave her a thumbs up.Bookmark here

She looked at it puzzled.Bookmark here

Ah. Right. She doesn’t know this sign language.Bookmark here

“You’re doing fine. Just be you.”Bookmark here

She nodded.Bookmark here

“Uh.. you two..” Freya looked dismayed. As did the other girls.Bookmark here

“I apologize as I’m not familiar with the culture of this world. Thus I wanted to seek approval from Noel to avoid making similar mistakes.”Bookmark here

The gasps from the girls holding their hands to their mouths were deafening.Bookmark here

“You’re not from this world??!”Bookmark here

“No wonder you have red hair!”Bookmark here

“Um. My name is Hilda your majesty?”Bookmark here

What a nightmare. Good luck Liliath.Bookmark here

Though she seemed to be able to manage the attention albeit treating them in a similar fashion to how a Princess would.Bookmark here

“Noel. Did you just say she’s your familiar?”Bookmark here

“That’s your TALENT??”Bookmark here

“You haven’t violated her have you?”Bookmark here

I turned to the source of the voices— my nightmare. A crowd of boys, the one leading the group was Gruan.Bookmark here

Oh shit. Here it comes.Bookmark here

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