Chapter 1:



[] This post is related to the recent chapter of Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler so it may contain or probably contain Spoiler so read at your own risk.

" Master Soma. That day, when you save me.. You were probably just acting on a whim. But from that day forward, You have always been the sun in my sky. No matter the circumtances, I remained bound to you. As your orders were the light illuminating my path. What's more. Just by exuding your shining confidence down from my sky. You have saved more lives than you will ever know. But that part of you was another reason why you portrayed the sun itself! Master Soma... Because you, my Sun, were there for me, My days could finally begin. You blew a new wind through my stagnant heart. You are able to soothe the Silence of the Night. That is why I hope and pray.. That nothing ever clouds over your radiance. As long as you continue to shine, I am certain.. That there is no ice on earth that can withstand your warmth.. Your Khansama was Extremely Happy. " - Agni

I think Violet(?) was the one who killed him or the one that kidnapped Elizabeth.. Either way :\ *sigh* I cried. Why do you have to kill such a great character!? Uggh.

" Well, Well.. Your master's safety and happiness are indeed your top priority. Mr. Agni, you truly are an exemplar butler. " Sebastian Michaelis

I don't even know why I'm writing right now when I should be crying, I'm still crying. Hah! Why am I even posting this here?

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