Chapter 20:

We Need to Talk (4)

My Demon Queen

Dear user,Bookmark here

As the developer, I apologize for the inconvenience caused as the status system has yet to be completely implemented. We are currently undergoing the final phase of beta testing, the option will soon be released in the near future so please be patient.Bookmark here

Thank you.Bookmark here

Regards,Bookmark here

[UNKNOWN]Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

The hell? Wait.. is this an actual system people use??Bookmark here

I don’t get it.. there’s a developer behind this?? This... Bookmark here

If there is actually a developer then, who the hell is [UNKNOWN]? Is there anyone else besides me that knows about this app? No.. there’s no way a normal human could develop something like this..Bookmark here

Let’s think about it in a non-logical sequence. The developer could be some kind of God, like in certain light novels. Systems created by the Gods to help the people.Bookmark here

Then why me? And if me then.. am I TALENTLESS after all?Bookmark here

This brings up so many questions..Bookmark here

“I suppose it’s not the same here,” Liliath remarked, bringing me back to reality. “This message could be from the God of Comfort. I might be wrong, it’s merely a guess. What do we do from here?”Bookmark here

“Yeah. Um, right, tap the ’X’.”Bookmark here

“Ex? This one?”Bookmark here

“Yeah. That.”Bookmark here

After which she continued to scroll the main page until it reached the end. I wonder what she was trying to do? She had seen the list once before.Bookmark here

“Noel. What do you suppose your idea is if what I recommend is outside the boundaries of what we can afford?”Bookmark here

“Hm? Then we save up the points until we have enough.”Bookmark here

Liliath nodded, now scrolling through the page of ‘her’s’ specific shop. She stopped and stared at a peculiar item.Bookmark here

“The money the people in this world use— could it be this paper?” Liliath pointed at one of the options—Bookmark here

100 dollar bills.Bookmark here

Huh?Bookmark here

I rubbed my eyes.Bookmark here

My eyes weren’t playing tricks with me. There were even 50 dollar bills and 1 dollar bills. Not to mention the ‘crate of bills package’.Bookmark here

DA FUAQ?Bookmark here

Ain’t this counterfeit money?!Bookmark here

There’s a description below the item:Bookmark here

This is legitimate money that can be used. Not a counterfeit. The amount can be converted into cash or transferred into the bank depending on your preference. This has been made so that nobody will suspect anything besides the buyer. So where does this money come from? Don’t ask.Bookmark here

T-this is from Liliath’s shop right? Why would there be bills? Wasn’t it only limited to things that came from her world?Bookmark here

I don’t get it..Bookmark here

“Is there anything wrong?” Bookmark here

“Uh.. just checking.. you know.. our money is made so that you can’t counterfeit it so easily. There are serial numbers on the bills so.. this looks suspicious..”Bookmark here

Really suspicious..Bookmark here

“Serial numbers? Is it a type of magic to prevent counterfeit?”Bookmark here

“Um. No.”Bookmark here

Nevermind.. I’ll explain it some day.Bookmark here

100 dollar bill 10 points.Bookmark here

Hm.. We acquire points by completing quests. And difficult quests that involve intimate moments provide a good amount. Technically speaking, I can live off cuddling Liliath all day.. Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

THAT’S JUST WRONG!Bookmark here

But that doesn’t sound too bad right..? Points to be converted into money just by flirting?Bookmark here

Oh shut up me!Bookmark here

“Anything besides that? At the moment we don’t need to worry about money.”Bookmark here

Well. That’s something I’ll have to think about in the future though.Bookmark here

“I need time to properly access what I need,” Liliath said in a contemplative voice.Bookmark here

“If you’d say so— We’ll save up the points until then.”Bookmark here

Hm.. how about the skill book: common sense I? I don’t mean it in a harsh way but.. Liliath clearly lacked common sense. The image of Liliath wearing her clothing inside-out sudden appeared in my mind— and let’s not talk about how her hair almost caught on fire due to the hair dryer.Bookmark here

Common sense could help clear the first hurdle for her...Bookmark here

“If there’s nothing else, I suppose I’ll return,” Liliath got up from her sitting position.Bookmark here

“Alright. Good night then.” Bookmark here

“Good night Noel.” She smiled, walking towards the stairs to my sister’s room.Bookmark here

I felt a sense of numbness in my heart— just what kind of past did Liliath experience. Compared to me.. i’m incredibly fortunate to be living my current life. Not everyone could be said as lucky as me. To have caring and loving parents that were perverts— in a good way.Bookmark here

I shook my head to rid of the queasiness in my heart. Grabbing my drawing pad and putting on my earphones, I resumed sketching.Bookmark here

Round face, pointed chin, curly velvet hair, crimson coloured eyes, rosy cheeks. This would be the last portrait study for today.Bookmark here

I planned to put this up Arthub, hopefully it would garner a good number of views and likes. Hopefully I’d be able to gain a good enough following to start doing commissions. Bookmark here

Then I felt a light poke on my shoulder, I slowly turned around, I caught a whiff of her velvet hair that literally brushed against my nose. I reflexively staggered backwards.Bookmark here

LILIATH?! I thought she went upstairs?! Was she about to place her head on my shoulders? That kind of development? No. That can’t be. Clam down stupid delusion.Bookmark here

I pulled down my headphones.Bookmark here

“Haven’t you gone to sleep yet?” I asked, her gaze fixated on the screen of my drawing pad.Bookmark here

“I could ask the same. What work do you have that requires you to stay up late?”Bookmark here

“It isn’t really work— but it could be called work— I’m drawing.”Bookmark here

“I see— this work you are currently doing piqued my interest so I thought to ask you about such before I went? Could you perhaps be an artisan? The picture is rather cute— could it be that you were illustrating me?”Bookmark here

My heart skipped a beat. Her face remained fixated at that simple portrait study of the velvet haired girl— how did I not notice? It happened so naturally.. I never realized that this portrait had been referenced off Liliath. The difference was her eyes, it had duller red shade in reality compared to the vivid crimson represented in the art.Bookmark here

As an artist— this habit of drawing things that I deemed appealing.. my brain would process what I see subconsciously and then filter that visual information into chunks, storing only the good parts and then recreate it on paper.Bookmark here

“Maybe?” I squeaked. If anything.. I didn’t know I was drawing Liliath. But the semblance of what I drew to Liliath was undeniable.Bookmark here

“Could I try? I’ve always wanted to paint— this machine is connected to another machine? How does it work?” Liliath shifted her gaze between me, my drawing pad, and the laptop.Bookmark here

So she was curious about what I was doing. That was the bottom line. And she wanted to try.Bookmark here

“Well, here, have a go,” I passed her the digital drawing pen. Bookmark here

She looked at it confused, “Does it not contain ink?”Bookmark here

“No. it’s for drawing on this screen specifically. You can’t draw on paper using that,”Bookmark here

I skipped the whole ‘how does it work’ explanation because I bet Liliath wouldn’t understand half of what I would have to say— and it wasn’t like I knew a lot about the technology behind how the pen and drawing pen could correlate to provide 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity.Bookmark here

“Could I?” She sat down close to me.Bookmark here

Seriously.. what is she trying to do.. I have a bad feeling for some reason. I can’t quite put the tip of my finger on it..Bookmark here

I passed the drawing pad to Liliath, creating a separate layer to have her try.Bookmark here

“It’s bright..” she squinted her eyes.Bookmark here

Pushing the pen down on the screen, a blue dot was created. She tried a stroke, a tapered line manifested. She tilted her head in surprise.Bookmark here

Well.. no shit. Drawing digitally has a different tactile feeling when compared to writing on paper. Bookmark here

After contemplating, she drew a circle, two dots and a curved arc. Back to basics, old school— smiley face.Bookmark here

Liliath hung her head.Bookmark here

“My skills aren’t even worth mentioning,” she lamented.Bookmark here

“You just started so..”Bookmark here

I couldn’t really say that her drawing was bad— because it was the typical smiley face the majority of the populace would draw. And it was t like she had prior experience. She was after all, still a beginner. If she’s serious about it, I could guide her but— most of it would depend on her determination and ability.Bookmark here

Even though my father is an artist, he told me once that it’s impossible to really teach art— the best he could do was guide me. You could imagine how that went.. since he had a TALENT that cheated the system.Bookmark here

Liliath passed the drawing tablet back to me, “Thank you for allowing me to try, I suppose art just wasn’t right for me.”Bookmark here

“Maybe.. art is more practice than talent though.”Bookmark here

“I understand. All I wanted was to try.”Bookmark here

Liliath showed a disappointed look, her head hanging low.Bookmark here

Click.Bookmark here

Hm?Bookmark here

My vision shot towards the stairs— particularly the small gap at the upper corner.Bookmark here

I saw someone’s feet, and a phone, the camera pointed towards us.Bookmark here

Huh?Bookmark here

Click.Bookmark here

Wait.Bookmark here

“Opps, looks like I was found,” my mom chuckled, revealing her head from between the gaps of the railings of the stair. “You haven’t told your father anything about Liliath have you now?”Bookmark here

I wanted to retort, but I couldn’t form any words.Bookmark here

My mom was right. My father didn’t know about Liliath’s existence.Bookmark here

“I had to do my duty as the wife,” her voice was barely audible due to the distance between us. “I have a number of good photos, would you like to pick out the better ones?”Bookmark here

Liliath looked at my mom then at me, aloof to everything. Bookmark here

I created distance between us.Bookmark here

Fuck. Seriously?! Since when did my mom start stalking me and Liliath?! A number of photos? Wait does that mean that Liliath had been set up?? Bookmark here

Appalled, I askedBookmark here

“Liliath, did my mom tell you to come down by chance?”Bookmark here

“She didn’t, I came by my own volition.”Bookmark here

Is that so..Bookmark here

Still.. that doesn’t solve the issue.Bookmark here

Ding.Bookmark here

I picked up my phone, to see that my mom had sent a number of pictures into the group chat.Bookmark here

Shit.Bookmark here

Not just one.. there were plenty of them. Me sitting together with Liliath, me hugging Liliath, me having tea with Liliath..Bookmark here

THE FUCK HOW?! HOW?!Bookmark here

My mom came down the stairs, her chuckle beside me as I shivered— the image of her triumph expression she had on her face.Bookmark here

So to summarize, my mom had been stalking me?Bookmark here

‘Here’s the picture of them together dear.’Bookmark here

That was the comment my mom sent, preceded by the numerous embarrassing photos.Bookmark here



My soul died.Bookmark here

Liliath came up behind me, with the little sanity that remained, I shifted the phone away from her.Bookmark here

“Hm? What could it be?” She asked.Bookmark here

“Here Liliath, you can take a look from my phone,”. mom quipped, turning her phone to Liliath.Bookmark here

“NOOOOO! DONT LILIATH DONT!” I jumped, grabbed my mom’s arm and tried to push the screen away from Liliath’s line of sight.Bookmark here

“Can I not be a part of the banter?” Liliath pouted saying that.Bookmark here

Oh Fuck. Sorry Liliath but once you look at this, it will become the bane of your life forever, you can never turn back. I understand you’re sad to feel left out but trust me, it’s so much more worth it than feasting your eyes on the worst possible image of..Bookmark here

“WWWAAHHHHH BIG SISTER LILIATH LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!” The little devil’s yell shook the house as she ran down the stairs holding waving her phone in the air. Bookmark here

FUCK.Bookmark here

But it was too late. My hands were occupied dealing with my mom’s side.Bookmark here

And so.. Liliath saw it.Bookmark here

CCRRAAAPPPPP.Bookmark here

Ding.Bookmark here

‘He summoned such a beautiful lady. So this is Noel’s future spouse? Congratulations my son!’Bookmark here

My eyes rolled back into its socket.Bookmark here

Out of all times... my father just had to reply now.. why..Bookmark here

I’m sorry you had to witness such a thing.. it’s too late now..Bookmark here

Liliath stared at the screen, her hands that were raised in anticipation dropped limply to the side. Bookmark here

The little devil beheld a shrewd smug. Likewise, my mom showed the purest, most innocent smile ever— not.Bookmark here

They planned this on purpose.. what the hell..Bookmark here

With both Liliath and I officially brain dead for the remainder of the night, we greeted a new dawn.Bookmark here

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