Chapter 21:

Nightmare (1)

My Demon Queen

I stormed into Novelle-Sama’s room.Bookmark here

Why!? Why!? Why!?Bookmark here

I rolled atop the bed, a pillow wrapped my face around through the means of both my arms.Bookmark here

Why.. Why am I feeling like this.. this heat.. this shame. Could I perhaps like Noel—sama? Bookmark here

Never! Such a thought should be ostracized!Bookmark here

“Oh Liliath.”Bookmark here

The world seemed to freeze.Bookmark here

I raised my head, and faced the door.Bookmark here

Novelle-sama expressed a grand smug, her arms folded. An innocent, lissom body in a light-rose colour night clothing.Bookmark here

My natural action was to glare at her. Novelle-sama shut the door— a click ensued, notifying me that it had been looked from the inside.Bookmark here

Novelle-sama giggled. “You and big brother look so cute together— the perfect couple!”Bookmark here

“SAYS WHO?!”Bookmark here

Why.. such shame. I didn’t think Diana-sama and Novelle-sama would betray me!Bookmark here

B-betray?Bookmark here

“I ship big sister Liliath with big brother Noel! I support incest!”Bookmark here

I-INCEST?!Bookmark here



!!!Bookmark here

I trembled. Genuinely frightened.Bookmark here

Novelle-sama giggled.Bookmark here

“Why.. Novelle-sama.. what did I do to deserve this?!”Bookmark here

My vision distorted and in the next moment I felt two small hand on my chest— my breast. Those two hands fondled my front, unable to bear such stimulation, I couldn’t help but let out a moan.Bookmark here

“Hm.. Big brother would love this don’t you agree?”Bookmark here

“N-Novelle— huh?”Bookmark here

How? How could she have suddenly appeared behind me?Bookmark here

“Velvet hair, velvet eyes, rosy cheeks, jade-like skin— the immortal personification of the perfect woman. I doubt nobody wouldn’t fall for someone like you big sister Liliath!”Bookmark here

I shuddered. Those words. Though it was said through Novelle-sama’s voice.. how could it be so familiar.. so..Bookmark here

“Did you miss me dear?”Bookmark here

“Hiikh!”Bookmark here

He wrapped his arms around waist— I couldn’t escape, his vice-like grip. I didn’t need to turn around.. this voice..Bookmark here

Demon Lord Javeil.. but how? How could he be here? I thought I left that world for good.. why.Bookmark here

Beads of tears rolled down my face, I could sense his cold, beguiling breath, leaving me in a vulnerable state. My mind swirled, like a raft in a storm out in the sea, little raft representing me.Bookmark here

“NNOOOO! GET AWAY! GET AWAY!”Bookmark here

I screamed— with no sound. Flailed my arms— to no avail.Bookmark here

Tears choked my vision, something came closer in the distance.Bookmark here

No longer was I in Novelle-sama’s room. It was a black vast expanse— an empty void shrouded in mist. The ground was a shiny grey, a tint of red mixed within.Bookmark here

I was writhing, limbs tied by red satin to a black throne made from ash and bones.Bookmark here

The figure in the distance came closer— velvet hair, heterochromia eyes, one red the other glowing a toxic purple, a sleek black gown that dragged behind her. Four hours sprouted from her head— pulsing in a blood red colour.Bookmark here

You..Bookmark here

“Oh Liliath sweetie.. how was your date? You didn’t forget me did you?”Bookmark here

“No.. why..”Bookmark here

This person— was me—the true demon queen that laid dormant within myself.Bookmark here

“Why did you lie my Princess? You could’ve requested for the philosophers stone couldn’t you? Everything would’ve fallen into place, all that’s left would be to seduce him. Who needs the demon lord when you found such a frail being capable of supporting your cause,” Liliath’s cackle echoed in my mind. “All you need is the philosopher's stone. I assure you that you’ll never be lonely again. I’ll be able to stay by your side forever and ever and ever and ever. Nobody can betray you when you have me with you my sweetheart.”Bookmark here

“Stop this... STOP THIS!? Everything should be over so why?! This is a dream! A dream! This isn’t real, please do-t be real!”Bookmark here

No.. I didn’t want to wake up.. those moments spent with Noel-sama, was it all a fraud? It felt so real.. it didn’t make sense.. why.. why now. Why did I have to wake up now— that pleasant dream.. was it fake all along.Bookmark here

“Oh sweety.. don’t cry. I’m still here, I’ll never abandon you, couldn’t you say the same for me?” Liliath drew closer, wiped a tear with her finger and licked it, “Sweet! Your tears are delicious!”Bookmark here

I cried.. weeped.. prayed.Bookmark here

Liliath pressed herself against me who was incapable. One hand lifted my chin, tongue ravishing my tears, with her other hand, a sharp object placed to the left side of my chest— my heart.Bookmark here

Sensing my frightful gaze, Liliath smiled. It was the smile I always showed. A smile so natural, it became the mask that hid the pain and anguish within me.Bookmark here

“Ah—“Bookmark here

I cried out as the nails imbed itself within my flesh. This pain.Bookmark here

Was I going to die?Bookmark here

Could everything that i’ve experienced till this point be a lie?Bookmark here

Could this be my end? Bookmark here

Would I cease to exist?Bookmark here

Would I ever see Noel’s face again?Bookmark here

Would I..Bookmark here

Her nails reached my heart, the bitter-sweet taste of blood in my mouth.. and a slap.Bookmark here

A slap?Bookmark here

I opened my eyes, the first object to greet me was Novelle’s face which contained a worried expression.Bookmark here

I sat up straight and corrected my ragged breathing. Sweat ran down my side, tears streamed down my face.Bookmark here

“Another nightmare?” Novelle-sama asked, a book in her grasp. “You were whimpering.”Bookmark here

I nodded, tears flowing.Bookmark here

A dream. It was a dream after all.Bookmark here

Novelle-sama offered me her shoulder and there I cried.Bookmark here

“There, there. I have no idea what you’ve experienced before in your world but it’s alright now. Big brother was able to summon you here so you’re safe with us.”Bookmark here

“Novelle-sama.. don’t go away.. don’t leave me.”Bookmark here

Such words came through. I couldn’t imagine living in that world ever again. Betray by the demon lord— betrayed by the kingdom— mother and father— my citizens— and even thyself.Bookmark here

I hadn’t had a clue as to how long I weeped, but when I regained my calm, Novelle-sama’s night clothes were soaked with my tears. She had a slack expression where one would express defeat while raising a white flag.Bookmark here

“M-my apologizes,” I lowered my head.Bookmark here

“No. it’s alright. Big brother told me to take care of you after all,” Novelle-sama waved her hand with a sympathetic smile. “Ah, what time is it— 1 am.. I better go to sleep.”Bookmark here

Novelle-sama yawned, stretching her hands to the air.Bookmark here

“Do you think you’ll have another nightmare big sister?”Bookmark here

I shook my head. But the truth was I had no idea. These memories still haunt me till today.Bookmark here

“Hm. I should tell big brother about it.. perhaps he can do something.”Bookmark here

“Please don’t,” I pleaded. Novelle-sama smirked.Bookmark here

“Why not? Big brother likes you a lot doesn’t he? He’s your master, so I’m sure he’ll be able find a way to comfort you so you no longer have these nightmares,” Novelle-sama joked.Bookmark here

“I-I would only cause him to worry... I don’t wish for that.” Bookmark here

Master.. Noel-sama as my master? Bookmark here

“Pfft. Whatever you say, I’m going to sleep, I’ll turn off the lights alright?”Bookmark here

I nodded, tucking myself under the soft duvet.Bookmark here

Novelle-sama placed the book she was reading on the side of the table before toggling a white switch that would magically make the lights disappear.Bookmark here

The room fell into darkness, Novelle-sama’ s faint silhouette could be seen glowing under the dim moonlight. She climbed onto bed and turned to look at me. Her glittery black eyes stared into mine.Bookmark here

“I’ll hug you until you fall asleep. I’ll chase the bad dreams away,” Novelle-sama giggled in a soft voice before wrapping herself around me.Bookmark here

Before long, she fell into a deep slumber. I was left awake.Bookmark here

I pulled myself away from her embrace, grateful for her good will and stared at the ceiling. The shadows of trees portrayed swayed, forming ripples.Bookmark here

Those words that I the demon queen said.. the vivid memory that triumphed the rest..Bookmark here

I closed my eyes.Bookmark here

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