Chapter 22:

Shopping Mall Excursion (1)

My Demon Queen

Welp. That goes to show what kind of family I have. In any case, though it may be shitty annoying at times, I’m grateful for the shit memories that would forever become etched in my mind. It’s hella annoying but fun at the same time. That’s just how our family is— Bookmark here

I have no idea how Liliath feels about it though..Bookmark here

I could only wonder.Bookmark here

I mean.. it’s justifiable? I had been hiding the fact about Liliath from my father.. and I don’t think I’ve properly discussed it with my mom regarding Liliath since her appearance. She became a part of the family so abruptly. And I wasn’t the one paying for her expenses.Bookmark here

Though my mom was kind enough to not dive too deep into this matter— I realized that I would eventually have to confront her about Liliath. We needed a family meeting. But my father was absent, it would be another week before he came back from work.Bookmark here

So.. I guess I could forgive my mother for plotting revenge? Could it be called revenge? I was inclined to think that my mom had alway wanted to tease me together with my wife someday..Bookmark here

The hell am I thinking?Bookmark here

Liliath as my wife?Bookmark here

Nonononono.. we aren’t even a couple yet. And I’m thinking about marriage? Oh, what did Liliath say about becoming a demon queen again? Matrimony?Bookmark here

Does that mean Liliath would be promoted as a queen once she marries? Or does it need to be a specific person, the demon lord?Bookmark here

One more thing, about Liliath’s identity. She’s my familiar right? But the truth is that there isn’t any sort of connection between us. Back the It was a lie she made to convince the principal. Liliath doesn’t have a birth certificate and wasn’t listed as a citizen of Gilgamesh. An immigrant from another world, basically speaking. She needs an identity certificate. The question was how to get one. Through the summoning department? Bookmark here

The summoning department was made for people who acquired the summoning TALENT. Summoned creatures had to be registered for municipal purposes. Could Liliath be counted as my summoned creature?Bookmark here

There’s a lot I need to figure out.Bookmark here

Hm.. maybe that’s why the Principal was so skeptical.. wait. I should probably ask her about this matter. It’s the school’s duty to help the student manage their TALENTS.Bookmark here

“Noel, would you mind explaining why chrolpl is required to make food? How does chrolpl make food? It doesn’t sound too right.”Bookmark here

“Ah? Um.. about that, the process of making food— i’m not too sure myself. All I know is that chlorophyll is like a factory that changes chemicals with the aid of sunlight to create food. And it’s chloro-phyll, not chrolpl.”Bookmark here

“I still don’t understand.” Liliath cried out, dropping her head on the table. Her hair overlapping each other, covering the books.Bookmark here

“It’s alright. You’ll eventually understand it someday..”Bookmark here

Fortunately Liliath acted as normal after yesterday night’s incident. The difference was that she had been keeping a distance between us. And she would glare at a specific direction every now and then. She told me that she had a perception skill that allowed her to sense the vague location of a target without the need of eyesight.Bookmark here

Wow. Now that’s fantasy-like.Bookmark here

If anything.. I feel that Liliath had opened up somewhat. I was surprised to hear her glare at my mom. Of course, my mom laughed it off.Bookmark here

I wonder if Liliath had any sort of bloodlust skill? That was a possibility though.. my mom didn’t seem too deterred.Bookmark here

“Noel.. if I told you that magic requires that understanding of rune hexes, what would be your remark?” Liliath raised her head a little to look at me.Bookmark here

“Come again?”Bookmark here

“See?! Like me, you lack foundational understanding of my world!”Bookmark here

“Uh..”Bookmark here

Seeing Liliath lament in this sort of way.. very unlike her calm demeanor.. Did she become drunk or something?Bookmark here

“No.. I shan’t give up. I will pursue this world’s knowledge at its highest,” she wiped a tear and straightened her posture.Bookmark here

“I think you should take a break Liliath.. sometimes a break is all you need for the dots to connect.”Bookmark here

“Noel. It’s necessary that I learn as much of this world as I can as soon as possible— for the sake of survival.”Bookmark here

Survival? What the hell is Liliath saying. I know she came from a world where life and death was determined by a fine line but.. the point is.. when did she become this talkative? Or was this her usual personality?Bookmark here

“Liliath.. do you have a fever?” I noticed that her face was slightly redder than usual.Bookmark here

A complex expression surfaced to my question.Bookmark here

I raised my hands to touch her forehead, she was hesitant but still leaned forward, closing her eyes..Bookmark here

Huh? She’s not resisting.. seriously what the hell.. no. It can’t be right. She’s alright with me touching her?? No.. heck, why am I even trying to test her for a fever. This kind of development.. no, it’s odd..Bookmark here

My hand was about to come into contact with her delicate skin when she suddenly turned her head towards the kitchen and glared at the entrance.Bookmark here

I saw a glimpse of the little devil retreating.Bookmark here

“Oh my.. Liliath is amazing,” my mom who was scanning through her laptop together with us in the living room chuckled and then sighed. A pair of spectacles between her eyes. Bookmark here

My mom was a real estate buyer— or something like that. She invests in property and stuff— i’m too sure what she does but it’s for the sake of building assets.Bookmark here

“Can you stop already?“ Bookmark here

I seriously wanted my mom and little devil duo to stop taking photos of use together. Father has already gotten plenty of our photos. It’s straight up embarrassing.. I pleaded with them to delete those photos.. but it’s impossible after all..Bookmark here

“Ah, how about we go to the shopping mall today? I need to get some household items.” Bookmark here

Great job.. she dodged the question. Bookmark here

Liliath, who gave up pleading a long time ago asked, “What is a shopping mall?”Bookmark here

“Um.. how to put it, it’s a place where a large number of differ stores congregate in a building.”Bookmark here

What.. since when have I started using such complex language? Must be influenced by Liliath. Bookmark here

“Thank you for the explanation. Um. Noel, regarding the quests..”Bookmark here

I swallowed.Bookmark here

“Ah.. right..”Bookmark here

Quests. I knew how important and interesting it was to see the quest board update but I seriously tried avoiding it.. I haven’t checked it this morning, scared to find anything inappropriate listed inside. I know it’s an irrational fear but my concise is telling me that engaging these quests together with Liliath is going to chip away at my sanity..Bookmark here

Ah fuck I can’t make up my mind. Didn’t I tell Liliath that I needed her cooperation to complete the quests? She agreed didn’t she?! Why did I need to be such a wimp?Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Current Points: 145Bookmark here

Quests: Gaining affection:Bookmark here

Take a walk holding hands for 5 minutes. 10PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Introductions:Bookmark here

Learn about her favorite food. 20PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Gaining trust:Bookmark here

Allow Liliath to talk to another guy. 5PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Utilization:Bookmark here

Allow Liliath to speak on your behalf. 5PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests will be refreshed daily. Quests that have been completed will be prioritized else the user can select up to 1 quest per category to remove. (removed quests will be refreshed the next day)Bookmark here

Max quest for each category: 1 (Upgradable) (9/20)Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\ Bookmark here

Huh..Bookmark here

Allow Liliath to speak with another guy.Bookmark here

The fuck.. oh wait. That would make sense wouldn’t it now? Most of the time, I’m surrounded by females. My mom, my sister, Liliath, even some of the more closely related classmates in school. Not to mention the nurse and the Principal.Bookmark here

But seriously? That quest just had to be part of the gaining trust category? It’s like saying I’m afraid of Liliath falling for another guy, or cheating on me or something..Bookmark here

That’s wrong.. wrong..Bookmark here

Ugh..Bookmark here

But the quests were for the most part.. quite simple. I think I have an idea on how I could complete two quests in one go.Bookmark here

Liliath wasn’t surprised by the new tasks. If anything.. she looked excited?Bookmark here

Her reaction was an electric shock to my heart. Bookmark here

100 dmg points— ouch.Bookmark here

Then a knot was formed in my mind.Bookmark here

There was a barrier. I was still denying something. Something was wrong.Bookmark here

“Noel? Is there something wrong?” Liliath turned to me, her face barely inches away from mine.Bookmark here

“No. nothing,” I averted her gaze.Bookmark here

Really now. What should I do?Bookmark here

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