Chapter 23:

Shopping Mall Excursion (2)

My Demon Queen

“Alright, You get on first Liliath.”Bookmark here

“This carriage.. could it be powered by an electric engine?” She asked, holding onto a cute little filled with water specially for her use.Bookmark here

“Um..”Bookmark here

Seriously though. How did Liliath become so talkative? Was it because of yesterday? Could be mom and sister had broken a circuit in her somewhere..Bookmark here

In any case, i think I like Liliath this way. So she’s the curious kind of person— or not. I could imagine the confusion I’d face if I were to suddenly move between different worlds containing unusual technology.Bookmark here

“Big- brother sits at the back, my turn to sit in front!” The little devil devil declared.Bookmark here

Ah you little fucker.Bookmark here

Novelle would almost always fight for the front seat. It was a given that she would dominate me in the debate. She didn’t need to tell me that she’s occupying the ‘queen’s’ seat as if she were declaring her enthronement or engagement to some big-shot.Bookmark here

My mom locked the door of the house and came to the car. I pulled up the garage door.Bookmark here

We all got in the car, Liliath scanned the interior with an inquisitive look while the devil peeked at her, holding back her laughter. I wasn’t too sure if it was because of the fact that Liliath looked like a kid who had never seen a flower or that I’m sitting together with Liliath. Of course.. I took some distance. My mom merely smiled.Bookmark here

The car pulled out of the garage and came to the driveway.Bookmark here

And we set forth towards the shopping mall.Bookmark here

The sky was blue, ominous clouds bellowing in the sky— I have a feeling that it would rain in the later afternoon. Welp, it was fine, the clothing was placed inside.Bookmark here

“Noel, what means of science did the people here replace ice runes to create this cool air?”Bookmark here

“Uh.. I’m not too sure myself? The cool air comes from the air-conditioner built into the car and the components that make it up— i’m not too knowledgeable about it myself..”Bookmark here

Seriously what? Ice runes? Wait.. could I get Liliath to create magic tools or something for utility purposes? Wow.. that would be so cool!Bookmark here

“Similar to magic knowledge, there is a complex system for science after all..” Liliath came to a conclusion.Bookmark here

“I don’t think it works that way..”Bookmark here

Ah crap.. common sense.. common sense. Thinking about it only scares me. How am I going to teach someone like Liliath..Bookmark here

“Liliath, you see. Unlike magic, science is dependent by knowledge rather than skill. It’s more like creating plans for forging equipment,” my mom remarked.Bookmark here

Wow, great. What an otaku-like answer mom, great job!Bookmark here

“So the difference is in that regard. Magic and black smithing are two different things after all..”Bookmark here

“It’s the skill and knowledge behind building the machine, a lot of time, trial and error is required to temper the product to perfection.”Bookmark here

Liliath nodded as if understanding.Bookmark here

But I’m confused as heck. Like.. wha.. what did language did my mom just speak? Forging as a reference to creating machines? Heck, there’s a huge disparity between the two of them.Bookmark here

Seeing my perplexed expression my mom chuckled while Liliath tilted her head in confusion.Bookmark here

Speaking of Liliath, her hair was tied to a ponytail and she was wearing a yellow shirt and a pleated knee-length dark-blue skirt. Because her hair was tied, her beautiful neck was exposed. I don’t even know why I’m paying so much attention to her ugh... so cute.Bookmark here

Novelle noticed something wrong then tampered with the radio. Ah— that’s why it was so quiet. Music played, sending Liliath into confusion.Bookmark here

“A recorder? How could there be music—“ Liliath tried searching around the entire interior of the car for an orchestra I suppose..Bookmark here

“It’s a radio. The radio is a communication device that allows sound to be transmitted. In this case, it.. is transmitting music from somewhere..”Bookmark here

Fuck. I don’t even know how I should explain something as simple as a radio. Ah, I didn’t think it would be this hard to answer Liliath’s questions... ok, I take my words back, I prefer the quiet Liliath.. but the inquisitive Liliath also has her good points though..Bookmark here

“A communication device that allows sound to transfer.. it’s an incredibly novel idea to utilize such a technology to share music to the world. “Liliath remarked, “I would’ve never imagined such an application for such a ma— science tool.” Bookmark here

“I suppose.”Bookmark here

I have no idea how I should answer that.. magic tool.. science tool.. what the hell.Bookmark here

Sigh..Bookmark here

Truth be told.. Liliath was sharp to notice my difficulty in explaining the function of certain everyday objects such as the car window glass, traffic jam, three coloured box of red, yellow and green, and the honking of cars so she eventually stopped asking and silently stared out the window.Bookmark here

I felt kind of hurt and disappointed that I didn’t have the skill to explain to Liliath about the things in this world. I can only hope that Liliath gets used to how things are and sorta piece to gather the gist of what does what.Bookmark here

That said.. the little devil was sneaking a few pictures of us with her phone that she ‘pretended’ to play games with. I know she doesn’t have a habit of using her phone in the car, so it’s clear what she was trying to pull.Bookmark here

Liliath sat at one end, I sat at the other. So good luck finding your chances little sister— you wouldn’t get one anytime soon.Bookmark here

The car pulled up to a toll, my mom pushed a button and a parking ticket came spitting out.Bookmark here

Liliath showed a bewildered expression.Bookmark here

Yeah.. I believe she’s thinking: a creature spits paper.Bookmark here

The parking was a multi-tier above ground parking zone that was built beside the shopping complex.Bookmark here

Liliath looked ecstatic whenever my mom would drive up the incline place to the upper floors.Bookmark here

A parking spot was found and we got out of the car.Bookmark here

“That was the most pleasant carriage ride I’ve ever experienced, thank you Diana,” Liliath bowed.Bookmark here

“No problem,” my mom smiled. I wanted to puke blood.Bookmark here

Sigh.. common sense.. common sense. I need to discuss with Liliath about getting the skill book common sense I ASAP.Bookmark here

We entered the shopping mall, two sliding doors broke apart to allow a path for us, Liliath jumped. The cool breeze of the air conditioning slammed into my face, I had no words to describe Liliath’s shuddering figure. Bookmark here

This is an automatic sliding door.. for gosh sake..Bookmark here

I could hear the couple behind us that was about the shopping complex together with us laugh at her reaction.Bookmark here

“Novelle, can you hold Liliath’s hand so that she doesn’t get lost?” I requested the little devil while my mom consoled Liliath.Bookmark here

“Why me? You do it big brother!” She smirked. Ah duck you. Seriously, I’m really worried something might happen to Liliath. Bookmark here

“Come on.. stop it with us being together... just help her alright?”Bookmark here

We entered the shopping complex, stepping foot into the atrium that split into two wide paths. It was bustling with people. Shops lined the sides of the walking path. The avenue-like path opened up, revealing the upper and lower floors.Bookmark here

Liliath’s eyes darted around, a myriad of never before seen things to her I suppose.Bookmark here

Our main goal was to get some house-hold items and more groceries. That said, groceries were usually the last agenda on the list, done just before we headed back home.Bookmark here

And so, we first went to the bookstore as usual.Bookmark here

But to get there..Bookmark here

“Why are there so many teeth!” Liliath exclaimed, shivering.Bookmark here

“Big sister Liliath.. it hurts, it hurts,” tears spilling out of the little devil’s eyes as she tried desperately to pull her hands away.Bookmark here

Oh hell.. seriously?Bookmark here

We came to our first major obstacle— the escalator. The terrifying-for-kids-cause-it-scary-sounding-and-can-kill-people-escalator. Oh and to explain why my sister was tearing up, it was because she, in the end, decided to hold Liliath’s hand. And Liliath’s hand was crushing my sister’s hand due to fear. I’m guessing her superhuman strength was because she was a demon lord candidate, no joke. I could see my sister really trying to pull out her hand with both hands but to no avail.Bookmark here

“Hey Liliath, please let go.. um.” Bookmark here

And she did. Novelle held her almost broken hand to her face, pouting.Bookmark here

“How should we deal with this,” my mom contemplated. If anything, her expression was one that seemed to tell me that we were treating this as an escort mission... seriously. “How about the elevator?”Bookmark here

“An alternate path sounds good to me,” Liliath said, cold sweat down her face.Bookmark here

“No. Big brother, you hold her hand.”Bookmark here

“Huh. No.” I refused.Bookmark here

“Hm! I did what you told me to, now it’s your turn!”Bookmark here

The puzzled stare of the people that boarded the escalator were unnecessary.. really.. if anything please don’t mind us and return to your shopping experience while we discuss our options in delivering the frightened Princess to the bookstore on the second floor.Bookmark here

“I-if so then I would like to try..” Liliath spoke in a bashful voice.Bookmark here

I turned to her with a shocked expression.Bookmark here

Wut?!Bookmark here

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