Chapter 26:

Shopping Mall Excursion (5)

My Demon Queen

‘Liliath may be a succubus’— today’s entry inside my journal.Bookmark here

Sigh~Bookmark here

Back home, inside my room, I leaned against the splat of my chair.Bookmark here

Seriously though. Liliath is so confusing. Bookmark here

Prune warned me about Liliath—I think I understood her sentiment somewhat now. That said— what if I was merely overthinking? What if Liliath was merely opening up without any sort of ulterior motive? She is a demon lord, an unsettlingly cute one.Bookmark here

Ding.Bookmark here

Prune replied. That’s fast. I raised my face to face my laptop.Bookmark here

‘Are you alright?! Nothing weird happened right?’Bookmark here

‘No. So what do you think about my conclusion? From the sixth sense you felt back then, could she possibly be a succubus?’Bookmark here

‘I’m not too clear about that. What I felt was a lot of dark— bloodiness. A mess. It’s hard to describe.. what do you plan to do?’Bookmark here

‘I have no idea. My idea is that I should talk it out with her. I’m not sure if her current attitude is merely an act, but it’s worth a shot.’Bookmark here

I hadn’t mentioned to Prune about Liliath being a Demon Queen. I agreed with Liliath that it should be kept a secret and I intend to respect that.Bookmark here

‘Are you crazy?! What if you were right and was seduced all of a sudden?!?’Bookmark here

... Bookmark here

What if Liliath seduced me.. Bookmark here

I think I’d accept..Bookmark here

Fucking shut up me—Bookmark here

‘I don’t think that’s the case. Liliath hasn’t acted on me in any way till date. I doubt she’d do that, especially when she could really just barge into my room and push me down..’Bookmark here

I almost sent that.. Bookmark here

‘She might not be a succubus though? If she was, I’d probably be dead already.’Bookmark here

Was what I replied instead.Bookmark here

‘Good point.’Bookmark here

Ding.Bookmark here

A notification appeared on screen. I switched from the Principal’s messaging window.Bookmark here

‘I’ve contacted the authorities regarding this matter. A letter of approval should be sent through your email in a few days, pay attention to that.’Bookmark here

Ah.. so she knew about it all along. No wonder she wanted to see Liliath in person, for me to summon a human— it’s as unbelievable as it gets. Though I do question if I was actually the person who summoned Liliath. I had the aid of the gacha app, and I’m not sure if the gacha application was an accidental thing that ended up on my phone or that it was my TALENT.Bookmark here

‘Got it. Thank you principal.’Bookmark here

With this I suppose the issue regarding Liliath’s identity would be solved— no. This would become the start of more problems.Bookmark here

Remember how I talked about not wanting Liliath to be exposed? She’s a crazy powerful existence. And because of this, she would clearly become a sought after individual by the government.Bookmark here

‘There’s no need to come over to the school office, head straight over to the government department. I’ll be there at the summoners registration department too since your case could be said as rather unique.’Bookmark here

Unique huh? True. Bookmark here

Knock, knock.Bookmark here

Hm? Liliath again?Bookmark here

I opened the door— and there was Liliath— in her beautifully seductive black-laced nightgown. Bookmark here

Ah— that would make sense. She’s the demon queen, and if anything, black suited her well.Bookmark here

Seeing her face brought me back to the time when we were still at the shopping mall. After lunch we went straight to the grocery store. And I found out that Liliath had been acting all along. She wasn’t scared of the escalator at all, but with such an excuse in hand, she took the opportunity to cling to me.Bookmark here

Other than the packet of super glue my mom agreed to buy for Liliath to quell her curiosity, Liliath also got herself a small box of instant tea. Of course there were matcha powder and tea leaves that required a more complicated brewing process, but Liliath only had eyes for instant tea.Bookmark here

Buying groceries together with Liliath was fun— not. The horde of stares were sickening. I get how Liliath’s velvet hair stands out but can people not stare at her so obviously? And I’m surprised that I’m even mad about this. Liliath was unperturbed, I wonder why it wasn’t the same for me?Bookmark here

Ah— also. Liliath asked something that took me by surprise.Bookmark here

Here’s what happened:Bookmark here

“Noel, what is a mobile number?”Bookmark here

“Mobile number? Where did you get that from?”Bookmark here

“Someone asked me for my mobile number but I didn’t know what it was.”Bookmark here

From her narration, this random dude with a well toned body that came up to her and asked for her contact.Bookmark here

And sure enough, she didn’t have one or rather— she didn’t even understand what he meant. Bookmark here

Wouldn’t want to be that guy now huh?Bookmark here

And so was how Liliath managed to ‘perfect a 3-star clear’ on the ‘let Liliath talk to another guy’ quest by rejecting the said ‘guy’. Bookmark here

Splendid.Bookmark here

Ah. That also reminded me that Liliath needed her own phone someday— but that’s another topic to discuss in the future. I can’t imagine what would happen if she got her hands on one.. she surely won’t exchange contacts with every other make she meets right?Bookmark here

Also, was it just me or was that Liliath didn’t understand love all that well? She didn’t even know why I laughed after she rejected the dude in the most innocent subtle way possible. Liliath might be the kind of person who just wasn’t all too sensitive when it came to love.Bookmark here

Which could explain why she was clinging to me the entire time.. perhaps she just didn’t understand how significant the act of different genders touching each other was.. that’s my second theory.Bookmark here

“Could we have a talk?”Bookmark here

Liliath’s request surprised me. I thought she would say ‘good night’ and then leave. I wonder what she wanted to talk about?Bookmark here

“Yeah. I also have something I need to say.”Bookmark here

Liliath entered my room without reserve.Bookmark here

Seeing that, I thought the chances of the second theory being the correct answer increased by one point.Bookmark here

That said, I don’t intend to lower my vigilance.Bookmark here

She sat on my bed, her hands traced the edge of the mattress.Bookmark here

“This was the bed I slept on the first night I was summoned here,” she spoke in a whisper.Bookmark here

I sat down beside her.Bookmark here

“You go first.”Bookmark here

“I want to apologize for all the trouble I brought to you and your family,{ she gritted her teeth,“And there is nothing I can do to repay the debt with.”Bookmark here

“Hm? I told you before right? I summoned you on a whim so it’s kinda my fault— my responsibility.”Bookmark here

My responsibility.. but I’m using my parents money ugh.. that just sounds unpleasant. I need to fix this.Bookmark here

“Noel. Are you really sure that there isn’t anything I’m destined to do? Perhaps there’s a duty I need to carry out that you still haven’t told me about?”Bookmark here

Again with this..Bookmark here

“Liliath. There are no enemies. Just enjoy your life— that’s the bottom Iine. Believe me. Of course eventually when we become adults we would have to earn our own money to survive, through practical means of course.”Bookmark here

“Are you sure.. then how about now? What can I do now? Should I train my magic? Is there any place I need to go to raise my skills? What knowledge do I need to focus on?”Bookmark here

Hah... seriously?Bookmark here

Ok. I’ll admit I have no idea what Liliath is talking about.Bookmark here

“Liliath. Just study and learn more about this world. That’s the main thing you need to do for now. Learn about this world so you can earn money to support yourself in the future. There isn’t anything like an adventure Guild that pays out money to adventurers, there isn’t such a convenient way of earning money in this world. Jobs that can help you survive require you to learn specific skills.”Bookmark here

“And by skills, what are the necessary ones?”Bookmark here

“Well.. it depends on the job you want to have in the future.”Bookmark here

“Does my magic skill count? I am able use all elemental magic without any issues.”Bookmark here

“Hey Liliath, are you worried about your future?”Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

Right. Liliath doesn’t know anything about this world. I believe this could be called a revelation? To realize that everything you knew from your original world could not be applied in the current world— that reality is harsher than you thought? Bookmark here

“Don’t leave me.”Bookmark here

Huh? What did Liliath just say?Bookmark here

“Leave you? Why would we do that?”Bookmark here

“I sense distrust from you Noel.”Bookmark here

Sense distrust from me..Bookmark here

Sharp. Liliath was able to tell in an instant huh? It’s useless to hide my thoughts from her.Bookmark here

Right. What did I tell myself again? Be careful of Liliath because she may be putting up and act— she could be trying to manipulate me..Bookmark here

“I—“Bookmark here

I couldn’t find the words. I had no idea what to say— Liliath was right. She was right— I didn’t trust her. Bookmark here

“Noel.. what did I do? What exactly did I do wrong? How should I rectify that mistake?”Bookmark here

Her voice was shaking.Bookmark here

I hung my head.Bookmark here

I don’t know. Could I be wrong about Liliath? What if she was just worried. Acting all clingy and bashful in front of me to keep her position in the house? Think about it, if I were to suddenly be thrown into an unknown world with an unknown family.. to learn that I had no means of contributing.. and that I could be cast aside at any point in time.. was that Liliath’s true feelings?Bookmark here

No.. what if it was another act. Remember, Liliath came from ‘that’ kind of world. It could very well be another act to gain pity. She’s a Princess, a demon queen, she’s not dumb, she may be trying to weave herself past my phycological defenses. Bookmark here

I don’t know.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry Liliath. Like you said, I don’t trust you.”Bookmark here

“I-I understand,” I felt the bed sheet stretched, she gripped her hands into a fist.Bookmark here

It’s my fault.. the lack of information. I can’t find an answer.Bookmark here

We sat there quietly for a few seconds.Bookmark here

Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding.Bookmark here

I jumped.Bookmark here

Liliath turned to the source of the sound, my laptop.Bookmark here

Prune— she requested a video call. Her image appeared hovering in the centre of the screen.Bookmark here

“So is that why..” Liliath’s voice suddenly dropped an octave. She stood up and walked over.Bookmark here

“No, Liliath d—“Bookmark here

I grabbed Liliath’s hand, preventing her from accepting the call using the touchpad— wait how did she know about the touchpad?!Bookmark here


How.. Liliath remembered Prune? How did their relationship turn like this even though they met only once?!Bookmark here

No.. how did Liliath know that this was a video call? Did my mother or sister teach her about this?Bookmark here

“Liliath, clam down!”Bookmark here

“It’s got to be her, she’s making you betray me!”Bookmark here

Betray her? Me? Shit.. how..she’s right.. but I didn't mean to..Bookmark here

Liliath’s superhuman-strength was no joke, I couldn’t retrain her even with both my arms. Moreover, I’m a male.. moreover, moreover, she’s 14 while I’m 16.... moreover, moreover, moreover, she’s a demon lord candidate.Bookmark here

Liliath and Prune CANNOT meet. Not in this state.Bookmark here

I decided.Bookmark here

I pulled my other arm around Liliath’s waist and strangled her down onto bed, me underneath her.Bookmark here

Her hair brushed my face and her entire body leaned against me.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry Liliath, it was my fault. It’s my fault. Sorry.”Bookmark here

“Why..” she cried without resisting my embrace, “What did I do wrong.. I didn’t do anything wrong so why?”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry.”Bookmark here

I have no idea what I should say.Bookmark here

It’s too complicated to explain how I got to the conclusion that Liliath ‘could be’ a succubus. All I could do know was wait for her to calm down.Bookmark here

I made a decision. Bookmark here

“Let me go,” Liliath wiggled.Bookmark here

“Alright,” I removed my arm and let her escape, after which I sat back up. Liliath’s scent still lingered in my mind. Bookmark here

Owh fuck me what did I just do to Liliath..pulled her down onto bed..together with me.. our bodies touching..Bookmark here

Sigh~ Bookmark here

No, no, no. She’s not a succubus.. it’s my own delusional thinking..Bookmark here

“So your comments on this lowly beastkin?”Bookmark here

Huh? Who was Liliath speaking to..Bookmark here

“Hhiiikkkhh! I’m sorry!” I saw Prune’s face displayed on screen for a flash of a moment before the call was cut.Bookmark here

Huh? Wait.. the call connected? Prune saw me hugging Liliath?Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

No.. crap how did it turn out like this.Bookmark here

Liliath got up and made a beeline to the door.Bookmark here

“Liliath, I..” I struggled to form my words.Bookmark here

She gave me a glare with tears bitting her eyes, leaving my room without another word.Bookmark here

Damn it!Bookmark here

Why didn’t I trust her? Why did I have to have such thoughts? Liliath was a 14 year old girl for fuck sake.. why can’t I just sympathize with her? What did I have to treat her like some sort of evil demon? Bookmark here

Distrust? Betrayal? Manipulation?Bookmark here

Those things I’ve never suffered from before.. it must have hurt like hell. And for her to realize that I didn’t trust her. she even opened up to me about her identity as a Demon Queen.Bookmark here

UGHHH!Bookmark here

Fuck me, fuck this, FUCK!Bookmark here

Why did I have to treat Liliath in this way.. she could’ve hid the fact about being the Demon Queen. Then I wouldn’t have speculated about her identity.. she trusted me.. that’s why she told me about herself.. and I betrayed that trust..Bookmark here

Why.. just why..Bookmark here

Why did I betray her?Bookmark here

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