Monthly Writing Challenge

To our writer community in Honeyfeed, we present to you our Monthly Writing Challenge! A special exercise to keep creators motivated and readers entertained whilst showcasing the writing talent of our community!

Oh, did we mention Honeyfeed’s Monthly Writing Challenge will be a great way to earn points towards your Community Achievement Badge and increase your chances of being featured in our monthly featured novels?

How to participate in Honeyfeed’s Monthly Writing Challenge:

Your monthly novel should be one of the following:

  • Be a new novel or fanfic with a short story format, (30,000 total words or less for a finished story.)
  • Be a new one-shot novel or one-shot fanfic, (One chapter tells a story from beginning to end.)
  • Be a new novel or fanfic with 3 chapters or less. (Your chapters can be long but within a maximum of 3 chapters for a finished story.)

Aside from these requirements, your novel must include in its story 2 elements chosen by Honeyfeed, these being 1 genre and 1 theme. These elements will be changed monthly and posted here on this page. Are you up to the challenge?

This month’s challenge genre and theme will be:

Genre: Adventure

Theme: discovery / survival

This challenge will be running fromJan 01, 2021toJan 31, 2021

* Remember, the challenge will be different each month! Be sure to check this post for updates.