The C’ntinumn - Full Map (Low Resolution)
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The C’ntinumn - Full Map (Low Resolution)

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The C’ntinumn is one of the first continents. The others are Jira Plith, Yizh, W'rthil, Kilaes, Gz'gil.

*Note: I made this map btw. The map will continue to update as the story progress. I will later put a downloadable link of this map in full resolution so that you can see all the details.

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Hearts of Stone

Updated: Jun 22, 2019
Chapters: 2

Born from Mutations and Alchemy; Hunters, with extraordinary superhuman abilities, like a more sensitive sense but, they lack emotions. Though, One is born with increased toxicity immunity, slightly increased magic intensity, and with light-grey hair. They are said to fight monsters and yet th...


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