Character Intro #1: Samidare Yui
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Character Intro #1: Samidare Yui

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♡ Age: 13 years old
♡ Birthday: February 8th
♡ Blood Type: AB
♡ Sign: Aquarius
♡ Codename: Veneficae Somnia
♡ Race: Human
♡ Character Voice: Yui Makino

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Ideasthesia ❀ Volume 1

Ana Fowl
Updated: May 27, 2019
Chapters: 15

A long-lost concept. An existence said not to be real. Ancient means for unknown purposes. It was none other than Magical Girls ✨ But, who says that, in this day and age, they aren't real at all? A phenomenon can exist although one does not have the concept by which to recognize it. It ...

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