Tears Of The Apocalypse

In a world evolving with technology,economics and power spawns a mysterious and deadly disease that wipes out nearly 3/4 of the worlds human population. Not only did the disease kill off most of the human race it turns its victims into cannibalistic creatures called the "Inmortuae" who can only be defeated by cutting off their heads or destroying their hearts, also they an infections bite that can turn any living thing into one of its kind. The last remnants of humanity seek shelter in large cities surrounded by large stone walls called strongholds. Inside these structures the humans build technology which will allow them to venture beyond the walls and fight back against the Inmortuae, however this experiments include human experimentation.

Tashiro Taniuchi and his two friends Yasuhiko and Erena are the result of a sick human experiment gone wrong which leaves them as a cross breed between Inmortuae and humans called Jagerinnen.

UpdatedSep 28, 2018
Writing StatusOngoing
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