Do you remember my name?

Hayato Ayumu; A 17-year-old student who rarely socializes and a follower of the ostrich policy.

One afternoon after school, Ayumu was walking down the street when suddenly a strange letter appeared out nowhere in his path.
Upon noticing, he ignored it and continued to walk home.

It's night.

After Ayumu took a bath, he proceeded to enter his room to take a sleep. Upon opening the door, The same letter appeared again in front of him. The room shook, the door shut itself locking Ayumu inside his room and before he knows it, he's already in another world.

Meeting an unknown people in another world, Ayumu's situation began to change. Would he choose to stick with his old personality and ignore the society or would he rather socialized and begin his new life.

UpdatedMar 11, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
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