Midoriiro no kirā (Green-Eyed Killer)

Set in a fantasy world where ruling factions known as "The Rebellion" and "The Empire" of a country called Isla are at war over the location of a mysterious relic known as the chaos relic, according to legend anyone who possess the relic may weild unimaginable power, the power to give life to the world or.....destroy it. Masayuki Taekeshi is a teenage boy living in a village that pledges its allegence to The Empire, His journey begins when he finds his village is in dire straits as the empire is bleeding it dry to use its resources for the war efforts. In order to save his village from starvation Masayuki sets off to work as a Mercency for The Empire in order to earn enough gold to save his village.

UpdatedOct 21, 2018
Writing StatusOngoing
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