The Neko Girl And Her Handsome Prince

Hitomi Kanazaki is a 17 year old girl, only she is no ordinary girl she is half cat half human a member of a race called "Catsune" Hitomi's life is a whirlwind of depression and despair, having been raised in slavery. years of being passed from person to person for use in ways that defy human decenecy has rendered Hitomi a mere shell devoid of emotion and feeling.

After being deemed "Too much trouble than she is worth" Hitomi is tossed out onto the streets to die. Hitomi wonders the streets alone and completely numb to the world around her, simply waiting to die.

However fate throws her a lifeline as one day she is happened upon by a mysterious man, the man takes pity on her and offers to nurse her physical and mental wounds back to health. This mysterious man is no oridinary man but a prince!

With the help of the prince will Hitomi be able to find her place in life and in the world, or do the scars run too deep.

UpdatedNov 10, 2018
Writing StatusOngoing
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