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Creators and Gods who have torn apart the reality and meaning of life. Twelve gods, as well as twelve souls, sometimes loved sometimes punished and sometimes tortured beyond the ends of the inferno. Some were brave, some were not, some were smart and some were strong. In the end, they were all pawns.
One day, each of these 12 souls appeared in unknown worlds, worlds that were fabricated by the 12 gods for their amusement or rather to serve a greater purpose. It's going to be a death match where the one who stands on top will be the victor but a deeper question lies. What is the battle all about? What are these 12 gods betting their pawns upon? What are they after? Come and unearth the answers as we write alongside our pen bringing you the tales of these brave men.

UpdatedJan 30, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
Featured fan art of this novel.