A Phoenix's Tail

-Story is still to be changed- -Feedback would be great-
Adrian Godfrey has a dream that he was trailing a suspicious looking individual, but after trailing this person he is in for a surprise that he is killed in his dream, or was it a dream? Soon after he is taken to another world by a power one could only be explained as one of the four ancients’, a legendary power.Adrian who is living his normal daily life is brought into a world of fantasy where magic, swords and shape-shifting is common. Adrian has been chosen to fight for Phoenix’s Tail a guild inside of the new world after displaying his unusual ability. This world however has a strange addition: Levels and Demi-Humans! Adrian Godfrey must adjust to his new world and survive the pure insanity of what’s to come, will he live to tell the tale?

UpdatedDec 07, 2016
Writing StatusOngoing