The Sealed Inscription: Year 2180

Venicia one of the largest cities in Yia... where fools seek the power that cannot be contained... where the wise destroys those who rebel...

Welcome to the year 2180.

We're going to focus on one character... his name is Leo Caelus.

The Timeline is a forbidden place which cannot be accessed by normal means. Leo Caelus will travel around the world, that's been torn apart from the collapse/downfall of humanity.

As Leo travel around the world, events begins to unravel that will change the world and bring a crisis on humanity...

◖Complete tags: Action, Comedy, Drama, Futuristic, Adventure, Android/Cyborg, Military/War, Sci-Fi, Arcs, Worldbuilding, Philosophical◗

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GenreActionAndroid / CyborgComedyFuturisticSci-Fi
UpdatedMar 13, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
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