Anna-Marie With Her Shotgun

The French and German armies collaborated to form a united front against the declining US empire. Once the victory is achieved, Alsatian Americans are viewed in a similar lens to the Irish-Americans during the eighteen hundreds.

Anna-Marie, who once lived in Strasbourg, murders her father from a crime of passion, and the Hemato-Tomato's, a modern "Sanson" famille, must carry out her death sentence. But this leaves Hemato with conflicting feelings about her profession, when would rather bury herself with her beloved. Her childhood girlfriend is executed, Hemato resigned to her fate as a wanderer in the darkness.

When Hemato becomes a Vampire Hunter reincarnated one hundred and twelve years in the future, Anna-Marie, has returned from the dead, and is endanger of repeating her original crime of passion.

Hemato must decide whether justice is worth more than protecting the life of her girlfriend. On the run from the law, sometimes it takes more than gun powder to save a life.

This Novel Contains Mature Content

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UpdatedMar 13, 2019
Writing StatusFinished
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