FanFic - Midnight Cinderella: An Updated Original Story

This is my spin on Midnight Cinderella. Hope you guys like it!

Elaina Ashford only wish to borrow some flowers from the Royal Garden for one of her students, yet, somehow she caught the eyes of the Royal Chamberlain and ended up becoming the Princess Elect of Wysteria! With no rhyme or reason, they pushed this unwanted burden onto her, and expected her to accept it with grace?! Heck no she won't!

What was that? First job as "Princess" is to find a Prince Consort to be appoint as King?! You must be joking... Come read and find out what will happen next in this special take of Midnight Cinderella! It's nothing like the game, I can promise you that. :)

GenreComedyDramaHistoricalRomanceSlice of Life
UpdatedFeb 07, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
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