Oppai Loli who has a Demonic Hand Goes on a Adventure

A Oppai Loli Named Lisa Red Lives Inside of a Village For her entire Life and all she does is sell Mushrooms from a Forest of Monsters which for some reason they Never Attacked Her for some Reason and after she gets a Basket full of it she sell it to a Local Market Back at her Village.

But at the Village Lisa had something Odd about her she Had a Demonic Armored Hand with a Large Crimson Eye on top in the Middle of her Right Hand.
One Day Lisa Killed a Monster for the first time and the Monsters Soul was absorbed into the Crimson Eye and Lisa's Own Mind Changed.

Lisa Feels Power flow through her and her Demonic Arm Grew up her arm a bit and then Lisa "wonders what will happen if a Kill More Monsters" and so with each Monster Killed Lisa Gains more power and New skills that only Demons can learn.(Also do not Lewd the Demon Loli!?!?!?)

This Novel Contains Mature Content

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UpdatedMar 14, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
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