One Thousand Mornings: Chapter 1: Departure

All her life, she only knew the world to be one thing. . . unforgiving. When it began to crumble beneath her feet, all Chiasa could do was fall endlessly alongside its broken pieces. But, nothing could have prepared her for what was to come next; for the devil’s hand has opened its palm out towards her yet again.
With the few loved ones that she’s managed to keep close mysteriously being taken one after the other, all eyes look towards Chiasa as the culprit. However, the games may have only just begun. Something is wrong with the world around her, and things are beginning to turn inside out.
Set in Tokyo, Japan, One Thousand Mornings, Part 1: Departure, offers the first step into an ongoing series that will funnel you through to a world of mind churning mystery, heart wrenching suspense, and unforgettable action. Step right into Chiasa’s shoes as she attempts to dig her way out of the suffocating dirt of a tattered world; pitting you through an experience like never before.

UpdatedNov 13, 2021
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count46,607
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