Love, Sparks and Cherry Blossoms

Sakura Sato is a delinquient 1st year in highschool who cares little for grades or rules or her own future, she lives out her school life doing whatever she feels like and causing chaos for those around teachers and students alike. until one day her antics wind her up in trouble and the school give her an ultimatium face expulsion or try and find an outlet by joining a club.

Seeing no other option Sakura opts to join the School council there she meets the Student Council president Ai Ishima who is known for her Beauty, Intelligence and Organizational skills. even after being exposed to Sakura's antics Ai immdietadly takes a liking to Sakura and vows to change her and help her find her path in life.

Will Ai bring out the best in Sakura or will Sakura bring out the worst in Ai and will friendship blossom between these two Schoolgirls from different worlds or will something more blossom instead?

GenreDramaRomanceShoujoSlice of LifeGirls Love
UpdatedSep 01, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
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