An Uncertain Duality

A woman who moonlights as a fashion model is working toward her Ph.D. in Physics. She will save the world. What she learns about her secret past while navigating the funny situations from admiring, jealous, competitive, stereotypical and shallow people around her will determine if evil forces take over the world. She will have to use ALL her feminine talents to defeat them. Set in an alternative Earth universe at the dawn of the age of teleportation.

No smut! No swearing! No excessive violence!

An Uncertain Duality is an amusing, tongue-in-cheek scifi adventure story that starts off "Slice of life" but becomes a dramatic, outrageous, EPIC by the end.

It contains:

Pretty girls
Herbivore men
A mad scientist
A deranged villain
Cute teenage identical twin girls
Quantum physics
An idol (the celebrity kind that sings pop)
A love triangle
Military guys
World politics
Philosophical Musings
Larger than life story

GenreAdventureComedySci-FiSeinenSlice of Life
UpdatedNov 03, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
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