Reclamation Battalion

In this world, exoskeleton weapons called Armupeau are only wearable by women. Not only does it has change the warfare, but the society has changed. However, legend has it that there is a male wearing Armupeau. But it is just an urban legend.

Alexander "Alex" Toshiro Ting is high school student who want to be a sailor, for his desire of adventure. One day, his hometown to be invaded and his parents killed.

His nation is at war. Seeing as his opportunity for his vengeance, he plans to volunteer for the military. Only he was picked as the test subject for wearing Armupeau, believed that he is a living urban legend. But despite that, Alex was shunned and discriminated by other dames.

Now, Alex must fight to defend his nation from invaders while pursuing his quest of vengeance.

GenreActionAdventureHaremMilitary / WarSeinen
UpdatedJul 02, 2020
Writing StatusOngoing
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