Binary Star

Humanity's first contact with extraterrestrial life came in the form of a tiny race of aliens affectionately named Lilliputians. These extraterrestrials stand at a mere five inches tall, paling in comparison to the humans they allegedly 'invaded.'

Seeking peace with mankind, the Lilliputians formed a wager with humanity, promising to stay out of the way and let life on Earth continue as normal, in exchange for them to remain on the planet.

To adjust to living alongside the inhabitants of Earth, certain Lilliputians were sent to live with humans in order to learn more about their world. One of these, a young Lilliputian named Spica Virginis, is paired up with Jinnai Kobayashi, a shut-in otaku who isn't too pleased about the arrangement. But the pair slowly form a friendship as Spica learns about the the human world, everyday life, and her partner's troubled past. Can two lost souls who couldn't be any more different find common ground, and find redemption for their past wrongs?

GenreDramaRomanceSci-FiShoujoSlice of Life
UpdatedJun 14, 2024
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count49,307
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