Ayakashi Monogatari

After witnessing her mother's tragic death at the hands of a hellish demon, heartbroken Minami Touma is alone in the world- or at least she thinks she is. A chance encounter takes her to the Otherworld, where she is captured and cursed by a Shinigami, the horrific entity that took the life of her mother.

However, before she is killed, Minami is rescued by a dragon who whisks her away to Seimei Shrine, home of the Onmyoji, exorcists that protect the populace from malicious spiritual forces. During a tense reunion with her long-lost father, Minami discovers her fate not only as an exorcist, but as a Moon Rabbit, and becomes mixed up in a cabal of gods, ghosts, demons, and myths as she plunges into the spirit world to find the cure to the Shinigami's curse before it ends her life.

UpdatedJun 14, 2024
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count66,875
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