Arcadia Zero

In this world, humans live alongside Espers, people who possess incredible psychic abilities as a result of freak genetic mutations. Society has grown to accomodate these individuals, but not everyone is so accepting. Many Espers are feared for their powers, believing they will eventually come to replace human beings as Earth's dominant species. The government, on the other hand, fears them as a threat to their own power.

In the city of Houston, a young female Esper working as a police officer becomes entangled in a web of conspiracy as a terrorist organization known as Arcadia rises, bent on using Espers to overthrow the government.

Alongside a brutish male Esper with inhuman strength and a short temper, she must uncover the truth behind Arcadia before their actions send humans and Espers into an all-out war.

UpdatedJun 16, 2024
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count52,750
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