My Girlfriend is a Super Awesome Badass! With her love of life and affection toward everyone, she and I will be indomitable.

Rover is a hotheaded high school boy. Quinn is a force of nature with overwhelming advantages in all she does, but claims she's a regular high school girl.

And they met at the perfect time.

Their supreme ruler has instated a law: All citizens must play one hour of a certain video game each day, otherwise face ambiguous consequences. Such was how Rover spent his summer vacation.

But a recent change in the law gave a way to lift the daily playtime quota: Defeat the ruler in the game's new player-vs-player feature. Rover quickly accepts the challenge, but his mind is preoccupied with Quinn after meeting her. As their relationship grows, Rover will learn of Quinn's advantages, as well as the secrets of the mandatory video game.


I wanted to write a fun story to contrast my typical, more serious ones, but I wanted to write a rom com, too. So, I put them together!

Art by Sage Camille
Instagram: sage_camille_art

GenreComedyGameRomanceShounenSlice of Life
UpdatedFeb 19, 2020
Writing StatusOngoing
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