Rebirth is a reincarnation-styled web novel, written in a first person narrative. Follow our MC on his adventures through a new world filled with magic, gods, mythical creatures/peoples, as well as various political events. (To be updated as the story progresses, if you like sent to/born in a new world novels, give this a shot).


I write in standard WN/LN notation which basically means a large amount of short "paragraphs," and Japanese quotation marks. You may also notice the omission of things like "he said" or "she replied" because the Japanese language typically infers the subject rather than writing it out specifically. I personally don't find it hard to keep up with and I hope that you won't either. I'm sorry if any of that bothers you, but it's how I have always read light novels and I want to emulate that style.

For those interested in learning more about the world of Rebirth & a want a better reading environment, visit my site:

Last UpdatedApr 14, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing