The Titan and The Witch

A woman fell through a time warp to old Japan. While normal-looking on the outside, a mild mental disability has caused her nothing but pain, despair and continued isolation from others. She's now feared as a "witch" in this new time because of cultural differences and her social-emotional impairments. One day, she rescues a frightening man from a lynch mob. Feared as a “monster”, “demon”, and supposed child-eater because of his titanic size and unnatural strength, the man has been mistreated and persecuted since childhood. However, his strength and “evil-looking” face belies a gentle and kind soul who simply wants to live. Used to being hated, the two quickly become best friends, eventually falling deeply in love. One day, the man's past as a war criminal literally comes knocking and they are recruited for a government strike force opposing a terrorist army. Will they be able to save Japan? And can they each overcome their traumatic pasts so they can be truly happy together?

UpdatedOct 11, 2020
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count15,206
Featured fan art of this novel.