Ito Ai: A New Dawn

After living ten years in a living hell. Ten years of fighting against the Machinas. Ten years of watching her comrades die in front of her eyes. Ito Ai finally met her own end at the hands of the Machinas. But to her surprise, instead of dying, she woke up in a familiar place.

With a second chance of life will Ito Ai, and knowledge of the events of the future. Will Ito Ai be able to change her fate? Will she be able to put a stop the Machinas? Or will she be forced to hide and struggle as she did in her past life?

The wheels of fate are always turning.

**** Cover Art, not mine!*** Only the text is! I will update it once I get a new cover made!

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UpdatedOct 01, 2020
Writing StatusOngoing
Featured fan art of this novel.