Martial King’s Lewd Dreams

There was once a man. He loved women as much as loved alcohol. His dream in the pugilistic world of the Murim? Of course... The man’s purpose was to get that booty. Whether it be by hook or by crook!

The thing is that... He’s weak!

He’d never once thought he’d come across a situation where a woman was being bullied. Wasn’t that reserved for the Martial Heroes? Regardless, it was time for him to get into action and show his grit!

Don’t underestimated a horny bastard! He’d slap you with his third sword and leave you guys to rot!

He fought... but ended up losing his life.

The woman he saved wanted to thank him, but the grim reaper was already asking for his credentials.

That’s when his fate finally turned:

“The damage to your heart is extensive. Will you accept me into your soul as a parasitic-“

“Are you a female?”


“Then please make yourself at home, Milady~”

This is how he became a Martial King with lewd dreams.

This Novel Contains Mature Content

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GenreAdultComedyDramaFantasyMartial ArtsSeinen
UpdatedJun 02, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
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