The chosen ones.

The world is inhabited by a subspecies of human, known as the chosen ones. These 'Humans' look and act the same to you and I, however they have one defining feature that separates them from us. Each Chosen one has a special power, unique to them alone. For example. One may have superhuman strength, while another may have the ability to control the elements.

Minato Katsuragi is one such person. He's had the ability to freely control the flow of time for as long as he can remember. From stopping to rewinding, he can do it all. With this ability in hand, he has cruised through middle school doing whatever he pleased.

However upon his first day of starting high school, he is challenged by someone with another power. Minato using his power, easily defeats the challenger but draws the attention of other chosen ones.

Will Minato be able to return to his carefree life, or will it be changed forever?

Last UpdatedApr 21, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing