Clumsy Mr. President: Work Hard Don't Die [Vol.1]

A dense personal assistant + clumsy president = a love riot.

Yuma Saito was demoted from a highly praised Senior Business Analyst role. And removed from Canyon IT's prestigious CEO Office in Tokyo. After his management of a pivotal customer project ended up a botch job; deemed a brand damaging clusterf**k.

As if that was the worst thing he would face. To salvage his career and redeem his honor, he becomes the personal assistant to the Kyoto branch's clumsy young president, Kou Furuya. A man others term, "The walking hazard report".

Let's pray for the men's health, safety and hearts as they unite in this comedy romance.

Posted completed Vol.1: Plonked by a Potted Plant

Posted completed Vol.1: Plonked by a Potted Plant

GenreComedyRomanceBoys LoveYaoi
UpdatedAug 31, 2021
Writing StatusFinished
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