Setting Sun Story: Stage 2, With Guilty Steps and Halted Breath

Known to be the last sanctuary in a barren world of chaos and desolation, Baustas is home to a society claiming to be blessed by a divine Savior, forever protected, and fighting to liberate what it can of a savage continent. In one night, the paradise falls to pieces, as the outside hellscape floods in, and a war of eons starts anew. Witness the nightmare of Baustas' fall, and the bloody beginning to a journey of tragedy and unlikely bonds. As the Sun sets, darkness shall rise.

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Jul 05, 2021icon-views 477icon-reaction-17
Chapter 1: Daydreams of Devilish Delight, Part 1
Jul 05, 2021icon-views 171icon-reaction-14
Chapter 2: Daydreams of Devilish Delight, Part 2
Jul 07, 2021icon-views 113icon-reaction-14
Chapter 3: The Still Stone in Everchanging Seasons
Jul 07, 2021icon-views 64icon-reaction-14
Chapter 4: Guardian Souls of Eden
Jul 09, 2021icon-views 54icon-reaction-13
Chapter 5: Daydreams of Devilish Delight, Part 3
Jul 12, 2021icon-views 64icon-reaction-13
Chapter 6: Freedom Fighter
Jul 13, 2021icon-views 63icon-reaction-12
Chapter 7: First Blood
Jul 15, 2021icon-views 42icon-reaction-12
Chapter 8: Shattering Expectations, and the Closing of Doors
Jul 16, 2021icon-views 72icon-reaction-12
Chapter 9: The First Echo of Tempered Steel
Jul 19, 2021icon-views 71icon-reaction-12
Chapter 10: Yuuhi
Jul 21, 2021icon-views 200icon-reaction-12
Chapter 11: The Cost of Wishes, Part 1
Jul 23, 2021icon-views 147icon-reaction-11
Chapter 12: The Princess of Baustas
Jul 26, 2021icon-views 125icon-reaction-11
Chapter 13: Sunken Teeth in New Blood
Jul 28, 2021icon-views 91icon-reaction-11
Chapter 14: The Winds of Change
Jul 30, 2021icon-views 67icon-reaction-11
Chapter 15: The Cost of Wishes, Part 2
Aug 01, 2021icon-views 25icon-reaction-11
Chapter 16: The Wind Always Blowing, Final Erosion to Sand
Aug 02, 2021icon-views 19icon-reaction-11
Chapter 17: Kaleidoscope of a Lucid Dreamer
Aug 04, 2021icon-views 19icon-reaction-11
Chapter 18: The Parasite, The Angel, Part 1
Aug 06, 2021icon-views 29icon-reaction-11
Chapter 19: The Parasite, The Angel, Part 2
Aug 09, 2021icon-views 9icon-reaction-11
Chapter 20: Loose Ends and Cut Roots, The Beginning of the End
Aug 14, 2021icon-views 36icon-reaction-11
Chapter 21: High Commander Unefet: The Beginning of the End
Aug 18, 2021icon-views 30icon-reaction-11
Chapter 22: Fleeing Seeds, and the Forsaken Blade
Aug 27, 2021icon-views 24icon-reaction-11
Chapter 23: Freedom's Vows
Sep 03, 2021icon-views 49icon-reaction-11
Chapter 24: Akatsuki: End of Stage 1
Oct 18, 2021icon-views 65icon-reaction-11
Chapter 25: Chapter EX: Ven, Part 1
Dec 15, 2021icon-views 8icon-reaction-11
Chapter 26: Chapter EX: Ven, Part 2
Jan 14, 2022icon-views 15
Chapter 27: Needle in a Haystack - Stage 2: Begin
Jan 15, 2022icon-views 7
Chapter 28: Sea Legs
Jan 17, 2022icon-views 9
Chapter 29: A Swift End
Jan 18, 2022icon-views 5
Chapter 30: The Road More Travelled
GenreActionAdventureFantasyMilitary / WarPsychological
UpdatedJan 18, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
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